Master of Fine Arts

The Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A) is a professional degree in the practice of art. The program of study proposed here is designed to guide and encourage students in the development of their skills, the definition of their goals and the recognition of their responsibilities as artists. The educational objective is to provide training that will make it possible for each student in the program to achieve professional excellence.

Our program experience places an emphasis on theory, research and critical thinking, and an awareness of the function of art and design in the world today. The M.F.A. degree is unique in that it is the artist's terminal degree. The UTA M.F.A. requires the CAA suggested 60 credit hours and a full-time, three-year commitment of study. Students will typically take 7 classes in each of their first two years and 6 classes in their third. Classes are held in the fall and spring semester only. The degree program culminates in a written and visual thesis that is unique to each individual.

While the specifics of each student's curriculum can be personalized, all students will take:

ten classes in concentration

three art history classes

two supporting studio classes

two thesis classes

two free electives

Students wishing to apply to the program should understand that the M.F.A. experience is immersive and intensive. We are not a part-time program. We are not a low-residency program.

The M.F.A. program will provide a demanding educational environment appropriate for strongly motivated students. Artists, designers, and filmmakers will be chosen for the program on the basis of work that demonstrates artistic individuality and promise. The program will invite and encourage non-traditional and traditional art experiences and supports interdisciplinary projects in the student's final thesis research presentation. The M.F.A program offers opportunities to further candidates' practices in Cinematic Arts, Glass, Intermedia, and Visual Communication Design.

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Areas of Study