ADVISATHON is currently a required mass advising clearance event for our upper-level students that occurs each Fall & Spring semester until a student’s graduating senior advising semester (the semester before you graduate). For early course clearance and hold removal, qualifying students MUST participate in Advisathon once they have done the following:

  • BFA/BA studio majors have completed an attempt at their Entry Level Review, (21/24hr Concentration Portfolio Review, CPR)
    • Cinematic Arts, Clay, and Sculpture majors MUST meet with their Faculty Advisor first to sign their advising form & approve classes before submitting for Advisathon. Art Department advisors cannot remove your advising hold if this is not done.

If a student misses Advisathon, they must:

  • Make an Advising Appointment to get advised 1-on-1 with an Art Department advisor using the following link: BOOK AN APPOINTMENT
  • If you are a Cinematic Arts, Clay, or Sculpture, you’ll need to meet with your Faculty Advisor first to sign & approve your advising form before meeting with the art department advisors. You must then review your MavPlanner to check the list of courses your advisor has added for you to plan your upcoming semester.
  • Attend your advising appointment with your Art Department Academic Advisor to have your hold removed and degree plan updated with classes selected for the upcoming semester.

**Please be aware that missing ADVISATHON and being required to complete the above steps can mean that certain upper-level classes may be closed by the time your appointment is scheduled. Other current majors may already have scheduled advising. It is imperative, and to your advantage, that you participate in Advisathon.


You MUST submit your Completed Advising Form to get your advising hold removed. Currently, this is done via an online Microsoft Form submission emailed out to the Art majors listserv. **Students should have an idea of classes to take and alternatives listed on their form.


Art Education, BA-Studio, Clay, Drawing, Design, Cinematic Arts, Glass, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Interactive Media Areas of Emphasis

  • CHECK YOUR UTA EMAIL (you should be on the Art major listserv)
    Expect emails from advisors periodically regarding advising. Create an advising folder to move all advising-related emails to (ex: emails that start with “ADVISING:”).
  • For ADVISATHON, an email will be sent to the Art major listserv that includes Advising (and Advisathon) dates and information along with attached files: blank advising form and the art schedule.
  • *To request a copy of your last Degree Plan, students may email That copy may not be fully updated with any changes you’ve made, so make notes on your degree plan in order to plan well.
  • MEET WITH YOUR FACULTY (required areas)
    • Cinematic Arts, Clay, & Sculpture Majors, after you pass your Entry Level (21/24hr) CPR, your faculty will oversee approving all of your classes & signing your advising form before you submit it to Art Department Advisors for review. Schedule an appointment with your area Faculty Advisor during their office hours, prior to your ADVISATHON day, and make sure you have back up classes in case the classes you want fill up during ADVISATHON.
  • Submit your Advising Form to the designated ADVISATHON Microsoft Form on your area’s designated day!
    • These dates are outlined on the Advising Calendar that is sent out at the beginning of each semester. The link to the Forms submission will be provided as well.


  • Make sure you check the time and day specifically designated for your Concentration area.
  • Check your most recent Degree Plan to see what other class you need for your degree to determine what courses on the upcoming semester schedule are next in your degree plan.
    • Review your degree plan carefully and make notes on it for yourself, if you didn’t complete a class that’s still noted on your plan or if you changed your schedule around.
    • Advisors cannot immediately update your degree plan prior to ADVISATHON, but we trust that you are aware of your requirements & what you’ve completed.
  • PLEASE NOTE: ADVISATHON is for clearing courses for the upcoming semester & removing your advising hold ONLY. If you need further assistance changing areas, adding a Minor, or any other change to your current plan, you will need to make a separate Advising appointment to discuss those changes with an advisor.


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