Visual Resource Commons

Visual Resource Commons (VRC) supports the teaching and research mission of the Department of Art & Art History, providing faculty and student access to art related image collections in analog and digital format. Art documentation videos, Department and Gallery archives, electronic artist resources, specific equipment and software are available for individuals and class projects. The VRC provides an environment conducive for research, class meetings, administrative meetings, and exhibition opportunities.

Visual Resource Commons Gallery is an exhibition space for the UTA Fine Art Collections (UTAFACs). The gallery hosts three exhibitions per year and is used for instructional support and direct, hands-on training for students in the Museum Studies program managed by the Collections Specialist Cheryl Mitchell.


Cheryl Mitchell

Associate Professor Of Practice

Collections Manager

Lilia Kudelia

Visual Resources Curator

Department Archives at the VRC

The Department Image Archives, an ongoing analog-to-digital project, documents the history of the Department from the start of the Art Program in 1938 until today. This collection of slides, photos, faculty materials and teaching resources is currently available for research by request. To visit Department Archives, schedule an appointment with VRC Curator Lilia Kudelia. A project to provide online access to the VRC's digital collection is in process. The collection will be available online through bepress, the campus institutional repository that will be offered by the UTA Library starting in summer 2024.

MFA Collection

A growing part of the archives is the MFA thesis documentation. Launched in 2007, the MFA program at UTA offers opportunities to further candidates' practices in Cinematic Arts, Glass, Intermedia, and Visual Communication Design. At the VRC, visitors can explore and peruse the collection of over 100 MFA thesis books by the UTA alumni.


A small non-circulating reference library of art history texts, journals, and other art-related materials is available for students, staff and faculty. Books and other materials are placed ON RESERVE for courses offered by the Department. Each semester, VRC offers a special curated selection of books and media resources, prepared in collaboration with the artists selected for the department’s Visiting Artist Program.

DVD/ Video Collection

Our DVD/Video Collection of over 700 items focuses on art documentaries, studio techniques, general history, and special topics to support classroom instruction and personal research. This collection can be searched online and accessed in the VRC by students for class assignments or personal enrichment. Faculty, graduate students, and staff may checkout the holdings for classroom and research purposes. Students can use the VRC computer stations to access art resources in CD-ROM format, view DVDs, and other digital resources. The VRC and adjacent rooms can be reserved for video viewing by larger groups.


The VRC has iMacs and flat-bed scanners for patron use. A b/w and color laser printer for patron use is located on the back computer table. It requires a MavExpress ID card in order to print. Special equipment can be checkout or reserved for a class period, if requested in advance:

  • TV/VRC cart,
  • Computer on wheels
  • Slide projectors, slide trays, overhead projector
  • Lightbox, cutting mat, paper cutter etc

Reserved Rooms

Students and faculty are welcome to use the facility and equipment for independent study, classroom assignments, research and meetings. The VRC can be reserved, in advance, for class meetings and other events. FA 2102A, the large Art History lecture room, and FA 2102, the smaller conference room, can be reserved for meetings and presentations, when not scheduled for classes. Contact the VRC Director and/or the Art Office to reserve 2102 or 2102A. Contact the VRC staff and/or the Art Office to reserve the 2102, 2102A, or the VRC gallery.

Computer policy

The use of the Internet must be consistent with the policies of the University, and the laws of the State of Texas. These policies and laws include, but are not limited to

Access to the Internet over VRC computers is a privilege granted to users, and the Department reserves the right to suspend or amend this privilege if a user:

  • Violates Texas obscenity laws.
  • Violates campus computer usage policies, which limits use to education & research, only.
  • Harasses others, including but not limited to, sexual harassment.
  • Intentionally damages or destroys equipment, software, or data belonging to the Department or to other users, including adding, altering, or deleting files on VRC workstations or other computer equipment.
  • Copies materials protected by copyright law beyond the bounds of fair use.
  • Violates software or database license agreements.
  • Violates or attempts to violate computer system or network integrity, including attempts to bypass network security functions, obtain restricted passwords, or alter the configuration of VRC workstations in any way.
  • Uses the Internet for any illegal activity.

The decision to suspend or limit a patron's use will be made at the discretion of the Director of the VRC.

Use of the VRC's workstations will be on a first-come-first-serve basis, unless reserved by a professor for class use or by the Director.

Please Note:
By using this facility, you are agreeing to follow the rules and policies of the VRC & UTA.
*To ensure compliance with applicable laws and policies, all user activity is be subject to review.

Hours + Contact

VRC Hours: Monday - Friday, 9am – 5pm

Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm

Address: Fine Arts Building, 2nd Floor, 2109
502 South Cooper, Ste. 335, Box 19089
Arlington, Texas 76019
Phone: 817.272.2797

Parking Availability

Visitor Parking available in West Campus Parking Garage located just south of the intersection of UTA Blvd. and West Nedderman Dr.
Handicap Parking available in various locations surrounding the Fine Arts Building with a prearranged visitor permit.