MFA: Glass

The Master of Fine Arts in Arts: Glass will allow students to explore the sculptural, conceptual, and functional aesthetics of glass as an artistic media in order to create a creative body of work directed by a personal concept or project. A variety of traditional, contemporary, and experimental glass working techniques are examined and utilized in ambitious research and creation of conceptually significant work. The Master of Fine Arts is a professional degree in the practice of art. The program of study at UTA is designed to guide and encourage students in the development of their skills, the definition of their goals and the recognition of their responsibilities as artists. The educational objective is to provide training that will make it possible for each student to achieve professional excellence.

Our program places an emphasis on theory, research and critical thinking. The MFA program will provide a demanding a demanding educational environment appropriate for strongly motivated students. Applicants will be chosen for the program on the basis of work that demonstrates artistic individuality and promise. The program will invite and encourage traditional and non-traditional art experiences and will support interdisciplinary projects in the student’s final thesis research exhibition & presentation.

Goals for graduate students in glass include but are not limited to:

  • develop the ability to discuss and interpret their work both verbally and in written form
  • develop into professional artists, active in the production and publication of creative work
  • reflecting a personal and meaningful aesthetic
  • understand the content and relevance of art history in the development of contemporary art

In preparation for careers as professional artists, graduate students in glass are expected to participate in research and production that engages the diversity of resources found throughout the department and university. Students are encouraged to actively join in the cultural and aesthetic diversity of the university and community, as well as participate in professional conferences, workshops, and specialized classes both at UTA and across the country.


  • The UTA glass facility consists of several purpose built, state of the art, technically specialized studio areas.
  • Climate controlled 3000 sq. ft. Cold Shop
  • The Cold Shop houses grinding, cutting, shaping, polishing and fabrication equipment.
  • Extensive warm glass work areas with complete fusing & slumping equipment
  • Kiln room with a variety of casting and fusing kilns
  • Flame working area with various sized torches and annealers
  • A separate 4800 sq. ft. Hot Shop
  • The Hot Shop is completely equipped with a six station glassblowing facility.
  • Glass engraving & carving techniques can be explored using state of the art diamond cutting lathes and grinders

Glass Graduate Faculty

Jean Fernandes


Justin Ginsberg

Area Coordinator

Assistant Professor

Assistant Chair