We are excited to welcome you to the Art and Art History Department! We look forward to getting to know you and your individual interests within your specific degree plan. As your academic advisors, we are committed to guiding you through important decisions related to your academic progress as well as supporting your educational/career goals from your first day on campus until the day you graduate! It has been proven that increased frequency of student-advisor contact is a positive factor during your time at UTA and should be taken into consideration each semester. Please follow the guidelines listed below to set up an appointment with your art advisor today.


Currently, appointments within the Art and Art History Department are scheduled based on specific student information. Our early advising sessions are reserved for graduating seniors and those majors/students who are allotted early access.


We also host our ADVISATHON event for those students who have attempted their first Entry Level (21/24-hour) CPR (Concentration Portfolio Review). Art students receive emails from the Art office via our Art major listserv, outlining their advising process.


Pre-CPR students (those who haven’t completed their review yet), New Transfers, Change Majors (to Art), and Prospective students will be able to schedule appointments at a specific time that usually occurs after ADVISATHON.


Appointments are scheduled online via our BOOKINGS page. If you’re having difficulties scheduling via Bookings, you may call the Art Office at 817.272.2891 for assistance.


When scheduling, be ready to provide the following information:

  • Student ID # (100xxxxxxx)
  • Reason for Appointment (Pre-CPR Advising, General Questions, Graduating Senior, Changing Majors TO art, etc.)
  • Area of Concentration
  • UTA Email Address (required for all UTA admitted students) or personal email if you’re a Prospective student

Please note the following:

  • Appointments are not made by emailing advisors and should be done via Bookings. In some instances of extenuating circumstances, an advisor may be able to assist via email during non-peak advising times or when time permits, to offer an alternative scheduling but this may not always be the case. If you have an urgent matter, you should also call the Art office as they can sometimes give guidance or relay information to advisors: 817.272.2891.
  • **Booking for the incorrect category may result in your appointment being cancelled and rescheduled for the appropriate date.
  • **For special circumstances needing specific and/or immediate attention outside of the normal advising criteria breakdown, please call the Art office at 817.272.2891.
  • Advisors do not accept appointments created from a student’s Outlook Calendar invite. You must book via our Bookings page.

We look forward to providing the information and support for your academic success. If you have any questions regarding advising, please do not hesitate to email an advisor listed below or call the main office (817.272.2891).


The Art and Art History Department faculty, staff and student employees serve more than 700 students enrolled in 11 different undergraduate and 4 different graduate areas. The department is nationally accredited through the National Association of School of Art and Design (NASAD) Facts Page.

  • Retention for Freshman Undergraduates in 2021 = 91.7%
  • Total Number of enrolled Undergraduate students in Fall 2021 = 817
  • Total number of graduates in AY 2021-2022 = 164
  • Total number of MFA students in Fall 2020 = 26
  • Total number of internships in 2022 = 59
  • Degrees offered – B.A. Art, B.A. Art History, B.F.A., and M.F.A

New Mavplanner

The Art and Art History Department advisors are currently utilizing UTA’s new student feature MavPlanner to assist students in their planning for future semesters. MavPlanner is an additional tool students can use with their MavScheduler prior to enrolling. With MavPlanner, a student can see suggested courses listed by the advisor and any comment the advisor may make regarding courses.


An Art Advisor may utilize MavPlanner ahead of appointments, after the student schedules it, or during the appointment as you discuss possible courses to take. In some instances, an advisor may even list potential classes to take beyond the next semester, to help you plan even more! With this information readily available, the student can reference their MavPlanner at any time to see their course approvals via the Planner & comments as you enroll.


Check out how to use your MavPlanner!

Video Tutorial:

MavPlanner FAQ:



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The advising office is located in room 335 in the Fine Arts Building.

Hours: 8am - 5pm
Phone: 817.272.2891 (please call to schedule an appointment)

If you have a quick, general question to ask, please feel free to email us: