Transfer Student Advising

Preparing to Join the UTA Art + Art History Department

Transfer students can best prepare for the program by taking a balance of academic core classes and foundational art courses. Students interested in the art history programs may wish to also take some foundational art history courses. Entering the program Texas Core Complete requires a slightly different approach to completing our studio degree requirements.

When students enroll in their 21st studio class hour  (their 7th studio class), the progress of each student is reviewed by appropriate faculty.  Both transfer coursework and UTA studio courses are counted toward this Concentration Portfolio Review, which serves as an “entrance-exam” for the studio programs, and is the final step in qualifying for advanced studio classes.

SAVE YOUR WORK from the art classes that you take at other institutions. Transfer credits utilized toward the degree will be taken into consideration during the review.

Transfer students who have taken Art courses that are not located within the Transfer Equivalency Guide (located through UTA’s Admissions website) are subject to have that coursework evaluated by the department. In instances where Art courses have not transferred to UTA equivalently, students may opt to have that work reviewed by appropriate faculty to determine equivalency, if they wish to receive credit. To do so, students should have a course description, syllabus and completed artwork to show (if studio courses) and complete syllabus for art history courses. If the student does not wish to receive transfer credit, they may take the appropriate required Art coursework at UTA. Students should speak with their Departmental Advisor during their advising session to determine which courses will need this individual course faculty review. It is not a guarantee that all transfer coursework will be accepted within the Department based on the review.

Program Information

  • The Art and Art History Department offers 4 degree options in 11 areas of concentration, including Art Certification and art history.
  • All Art and Art History majors must meet with an advisor each semester before registration. Call the Art and Art History Office at 817-272-2891 to set up an appointment for advising once you are accepted.
  • Students may transfer up to 72 hours of academic credit to be applied to a degree.
  • Advising for Summer and Fall semesters begins in late March. Send in your transcripts and apply for admission in early February.
  • Advising for the Spring semester begins in late October. Send in your transcripts and apply for admission in early September.
  • Check MyMav for holds on your student account. All holds must be resolved before class registration.

Advising Syllabus

The Advising Syllabus is a comprehensive outline of policy and procedure please keep a digital copy on file for your reference.

Download the syllabus from the important documents page.

Advising Appointments

New transfer students should call the Art and Art History Office in March to schedule an advising appointment for Summer and Fall semesters. Call in October to schedule an advising appointment for Spring semesters.