MFA: Visual Communication Design

The Master of Fine Arts in Arts: Visual Communication Design will challenge students to integrate design theory, philosophy, practice and pedagogy. Graduates of the program will be equipped to contribute to the evolution of Design as a profession. Professional organizations such as the American Institute of Graphics Arts (AIGA) and the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda) support the growth of individual designers and the evolution of the discipline, placing emphasis on the following key areas:

  • exploring the function of visual communication design as a discipline that crosses interdisciplinary boundaries
  • the impact of design on socio-cultural and natural environmental systems , and how designers can contribute to conservation of our resources (sustainable design)
  • increase awareness of how designers shape and influence the visual landscape of culture
  • enhance the design profession by implementing ethical responsibility to avoid harm to humanity, society, technology, and the environment
  • the development of experts who conceptualize and articulate ideas into meaningful experiences
  • the development of individuals, organizations and creative committees who can analyze design and nurture the continued evolution of the discipline

Design at the University of Texas Arlington will produce students/scholars that are informed and influenced by many disciplines including literature, language, science, politics, ethics, philosophy, architecture and art. As author, critic, and designer Jessica Helfand states, it is “The Art of Visual Ideas.”


  • Graduate Research Studios
  • Corrugated Prototype Design and CAD Production Lab Donated by The International Corrugated Packaging Foundation
  • Advanced Digital Studios & Printings Labs
  • Over 40 Mac Computers in the Visual Communication Area
  • All studios equipped with Adobe Suite and other area specific programs

Visual Communication Design Graduate Faculty

Ben Dolezal

Associate Professor

Gladys Chow

Senior Lecturer

Josh Wilson

Assistant Professor

Lisa Graham


Tim Carvalho

Area Coordinator

Assistant Professor

photo of instructor