MFA: Funding Opportunities


Funding for the M.F.A. program may vary slightly year to year however, every effort is made to accept our students complete with a Graduate Assistantship (GA or GTA), which is organized as a non-taxed stipend paid monthly in the fall and spring semesters that requires a modest service to the department in the arenas of administrative support, research or teaching. Typically, GA support is the equivalent of approximately two-thirds of our full-time tuition costs, and includes in-state tuition status, regardless of a student's national or international residency.

Currently ALL M.F.A. students are receiving GA or GTA support.

All efforts are made to provide MFA students in good standing with real classroom experience as teachers of record.

Other support includes:


  • Competitive national travel funding opportunities for research, exhibitions or presentations
  • Competitive international grants for research
  • Competitive equipment/materials funding for thesis projects
  • Schira Family Endowment for Glass students
  • Jeffrey Leuschel Endowed Scholarship for Cinematic Arts students
  • Wright Gift Endowment fund for exhibitions, film screenings and/or presentations