Design Texas

A Visual Communication Research Collaboration and Creative Service.

The Department of Art and Art History at The University of Texas at Arlington is regarded as one of the outstanding programs in the region. A department with a long and rich history of commitment to the fine arts, art history, visual communication, and media arts.

The department includes exceptional faculty dedicated to guiding students of varied skill levels to new creative heights. A department faculty that, through example, shows students how to define and attain professional goals in their field of study.

The DESIGN TEXAS project is an opportunity to enhance the development and direction of visual communication in the state of Texas. The concept is to provide advanced undergraduate students and faculty an opportunity to interact with various individuals throughout the State of Texas on the development and completion of communication design problems. This group will work with clients who need creative services to establish identity systems and information materials. This activity will reflect the Art and Art History Departments interests in the:

  • State of design in the Texas community
  • Advancement of the creative level of printed and electronic information
  • Research and development of interactive services
  • Advancing the conceptual level of graphic design
  • Pursuit of solutions that reflect the consideration of eco-effective design

The image we project will be of innovation and service to the Texas Community.

There may be other relationships developed by the department to enhanced or broaden this program: DESIGN TEXAS.

To respect the industry and not divert business from current practicing designers this program will focus on non-profit organizations and select startup small business.