Over the past four years, we have had 200 students participate in our internship program. Students have interned with world-renowned museums, galleries, film studios, design firms, fortune 500 companies, philanthropic foundations, hospitals, churches, and with individual artists.

We have maintained a broad network of participants through direct interaction and involvement throughout the internship process. We continue to expand these contacts through active networking within the art and design worlds.

Students who participate in our internship program are selected for their excellent output, work ethic, and potential. Often times, these internships result in full-time employment.

We strive hard to continue to supply our students with experiences both inside and outside of the classroom that will provide them with advantages, networks, and the skills necessary for success in their creative careers.

Our students have worked with the following individuals and companies:

  • The Kimbell Art Museum
  • The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
  • The Crow Collection of Asian Art
  • The Side Richardson Museum
  • Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
  • The Dallas Contemporary
  • The McKinney Avenue Contemporary
  • Goss-Michael Foundation
  • Southwest Airlines
  • The Jim Henson Company
  • NBC Universal
  • NBC 5
  • Various programs, departments, and schools throughout UTA