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The Art & Art History Department, in cooperation with the College of Education at the University of Texas Arlington, offers a Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) in Art with Teacher Certification for grades K-12 (all level certification). The suggested plan of study comprises a series of art education courses coupled with College of Education courses where students engage in activities dealing with current issues in the teaching of art, pedagogical understanding, classroom management, and more. The program is specifically designed to establish a basic understanding of the goals and objectives necessary to becoming a professional visual arts teacher in public schools and a wide variety of other classroom situations.

The Texas Teacher Certification in Art requires 133 credit hours earned within the Art & Art History Department and College of Education academic programs. It entails earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Art, in addition to 15 hours of College of Education coursework required to fulfill minimum certification guidelines in Texas.

Art majors are encouraged to apply to the Teacher Education Program within the College of Education after one full semester of art education coursework has been completed. Consult the College of Education Advising Office for information concerning additional application requirements and/or State of Texas requirements for certification.

NOTE: The BFA program requires a 3.0 concentration grade point average, and the College of Education requires a 2.75 concentration grade point average.

Prior to enrollment, students are advised to visit the College of Education's website to review critical teacher certification information as it relates to the possibility of certification outside the state of Texas.

Art Education Faculty

Dr. Lucy Bartholomee, PhD

Assistant Professor

Area Coordinator

Joni Rinker-Dozier

Adjunct Assistant Professor

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This course studies the theories and outlines the history of art education and provides undergraduate students with the basic knowledge, skills, and strategies for teaching art. Students will be introduced to current issues in art education including multicultural, visual culture, technological art education, creativity, museum collaborations, and arts for special needs. The course will cover TEKS and national visual arts standards, a child's artistic development, learning styles, and philosophy. Also, students will learn and understand professional development resources.

Prerequisites: None

This course reviews and introduces the elements needed to create art education curricula including production, performance and exhibition of visual art and other performing arts practices, historical and cultural contexts as well as critical and aesthetic response. Students will focus on curriculum development for both 2D and 3D artwork for various age levels.

Prerequisite: None; however students are highly encouraged to take ART 3322 before, or concurrent with, this course.

This course provides art education students with an overview of teaching in the K-12 art classroom through further exploration in curriculum and instructional methods as well as observation in the DFW area public schools. Students are provided opportunities to observe various work situations, to reflect on their own education, and to examine teaching practices within the arts. Emphasis is placed on both 2D and 3D studio issues. Students are expected to develop professional skills in observation and written and oral communication. The material in this course serves to establish a foundation for building professional awareness and a normative philosophy of art education.

Prerequisite: ART 3323.

This course provides digital media presentation strategies to enhance teacher effectiveness and explores how to incorporate the use of digital media in curriculum development. It also enables students to develop an electronic teaching portfolio to prepare students for job interviews and to showcase both personal and student artwork. Reading assignments, research, hands-on experiences, and in-class discussion provide students with an understanding of technology and its application to an art education classroom. Students will gain a working knowledge of current best practice digital technology, including the internet and video software.

Prerequisite: None; however students are highly encouraged to take ART 3323 before, or concurrent with, this course.

  • EDUC 4340 - Human Growth and Development
  • EDUC 3301 - Teaching Diverse Learners
  • LIST 4343 - Reading
  • EDUC 4647 - Residency

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