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Student Voices

interior design student

"I chose my degree program because I want to combine everything that I am passionate about and use it to create memorable experiences for everyone. I am proud of the many technical programs that I’ve been exposed to during my time at CAPPA as well as understanding the basics to a good design."

- Maria Ramirez, Interior Design


"During my time at CAPPA a few of my accomplishments were being hired as an intern at an international design firm, studying at Lund University in Swedenfor a semester, and being granted a graduate teaching assistant position with professor Pia Sarpaneva. Post graduation I will either seek a second graduate degree, or return to the profession full time."

- Braison Boykin, Master of Architecture 

scarlett student

"I'm passionate about ending the injustice of educational inequity. After teaching in the DFW area, I wanted to influence change in urban educational spaces at a systemic level. I've grown to love this community, and CAPPA allows me to tailor my education to my passion, nurture my curiosities and apply my knowledge to the community I work in."

- Scarlett McCourt, Master of Public Policy 

luca student

"My first year I was set on changing my thinking style to differ it from the public when looking at built architecture. I believe I have done so and continue to learn the countless viewpoints to observe objects/buildings."

- Luca Chudoba, BS Architecture 

students"I have been working in the field of Urban Planning for over 10 years, and was passionate about delving deeper into the field. As President/CEO of the Downtown Arlington Management Corporation, this program has taught me the skills to change people’s lives for the better and spearhead the revitalization efforts of Downtown Arlington."

- Aldo Fritz, PhD in Urban Planning and Public Policy

student-mpmpa "To make an impact, I would like to use the skills learned during my time at CAPPA to influencing public policy to help create a better world for future generations."

- Terrence Ra'mond Harbin, Master of Public Administration


"My combined love for biology, psychology and design is what inspired me to choose Interior Design as a degree. I believe that Interior Design not only allows, but requires a passion in these subjects. Interior Design must be very personal, directly responding to the biological and psychological processes of those who are dwelling in and connecting with the space."

- Diane Williams, Interior Design

monty-larc student

"I was inspired to pursue this degree because I was always fascinated with my grandmother’s incredible gardens (plural!) in the rich land of the Mississippi delta. I'm most interested in how landscape architecture can have a positive impact on the way people experience the environments we inhabit. "

Monty McMahen, Master of Landscape Architecture 

student"CAPPA is located in a rapidly developing metropolitan region in north Texas where growth is happening at a much faster pace and equitable planning decisions are needed. The PhD program helps me gain the research tools necessary to understand the larger forces that play a role in deciding the location of power and distribution of resources."

- Amruta Sakalker, PhD in Urban Planning and Public Policy


"While being an officer in the CAPPA Architecture Mentorship Program (CAMP), I have been able to network with professionals and my peers in the college. This network will be essential for my professional career, but most importantly I feel a sense of accomplishment when I provide resources and guidance to my peers."

- Tuyen Lemai, Interior Design


"I have been teaching in CAPPA which has been a very fulfilling and rewarding experience. In addition, I was involved in a research team whose work has recently featured in a top planning journal. Finally, my own line of research on city branding, place making, and social equity has captured attention in the Associations of Collegiate Schools of Planning."

- Ahmad Bonakdar, PhD in Urban Planning and Public Policy

student-jason flake

"As a veteran, I am proud of my research on veteran treatment courts and the belief that my findings will help justice-involved veteran policies and programs."

- Jason Flake, PhD in Public Administration & Public Policy

madalyn student

"I am currently in the Design Build Studio and excited to finalize our team's final design proposal for the home we will be building. My inspiration to become an architect began very early in life when my family commissioned an architect to design our home. My parents involved me in every meeting and site visit. I was driven to become an architectural designer ever since I saw the models on display in our office!"

- Madalyn Melton, BS Architecture 


"I have had a deep interest in architecture at an academic scale and always been struggling to find a mean between academia and professional practice. The M.Arch program at CAPPA enabled me to enhance my professional ability in relation with well known architects in the world as well as my academical knowledge and skills in architecture."

- Ilia Yazdanpanah, Master of Architecture


The reason I chose my degree program, I believe strongly that it will prepare me for a career in academia, research or in government where I can be instrumental in the process of creating public value achieved through providing equal opportunities for all, including the poor and vulnerable, women and seniors.

- Salvador Portillo, PhD in Public Administration and Public Policy