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Administrative Forms

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Key Deadlines

Conference Room Reservations

Administrative Policies

Non-Resident Tuition Waiver Scholarships

Event Planning

  • ASTRA Scheduling
  • To request a room for non-ASTRA COE-controlled rooms (Nedderman Hall: Atrium, 604, 601, 630 and ERB: 104, 123, 206, 312, 412), contact Amy McMichael at 817-272-0074 or
  • Carlisle Catering (on-site catering contractor)
  • Alonti Catering (off-site catering company with direct bill account)
  • City Kitchen (off-site catering company with direct bill account)
  • Special Event Parking Request


  • Request a press release, website, or publication: Contact Jeremy Agor at 817-272-3682 or

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