Comprehensive Performance Evaluation

(Sixth Year Review)

In accordance with Regents' Rule 31102 and Texas Education Code Section 51.942, the University must conduct annual reviews of all tenured faculty, as well as comprehensive periodic evaluations of all tenured faculty (no less often than every six years). Annual reviews and comprehensive periodic evaluations of tenured faculty should focus primarily on individual merit relative to the performance of assigned duties. The review process is conducted through Digital Measures Flow and all materials should be uploaded or entered into your Digital Measures Profile.

The policy states that the annual and comprehensive review dossier shall include:

  1. the faculty member's current and complete curriculum vitae;
  2. a report of professional accomplishments for the immediately preceding academic year or the previous five years for the comprehensive review, including evidence of all professional activity, for example, teaching, advising, student research supervision, research, publication, creative activities, service and/or any other relevant activity;
  3. summary reports for all Student Feedback Surveys for organized courses taught during the immediately preceding academic year. Please include copies of all Student Feedback Surveys for the review period and enter the scores for the first five questions on each course page in Digital Measures.
  4. copies of any peer evaluations of teaching (if available); and
  5. T and P/Comprehensive Periodic Review Checklist.

Please consult the full HOP Policy AA-FTP-PO5 concerning Comprehensive Periodic Review. Please run your Comprehensive Performance Evaluation (CPE/Sixth Year Post-Tenure Review) Report in Digital Measures and submit it to your department according to your department’s procedures. Ask your department if they want you to submit an electronic copy or a printed one. 

If you need help with Digital Measures, we suggest that you attend one of the training sessions that will show you how to generate your faculty annual review report. For the CPE, we recommend that you have updated the past five years of teaching in Digital Measures. We run bi-monthly T and P and CPE work sessions to trouble shoot any issues you may encounter.

Please visit UTA Digital Measures for the training dates and be sure to RSVP for the session that best meets your needs.


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