To ensure the success of UTA new and early-career faculty, The Division of Faculty Success has designed a three-year development series to assist new faculty adjust to their roles and responsibilities as a new full-time faculty member while also building a sense of belonging and community with their peers here at UTA.

The New Faculty Development Series addresses the areas of Teaching and Learning, Research Plan, and Service Commitments.  New faculty meet for monthly, 1-hour collaboration sessions, on a rotation of scheduled topics that new faculty often encounter early in their career.  Active participation in the New Faculty Development Series prepares new faculty on a successful pathway for professional advancement while building connections with their new colleagues across the university. 

The Series also embeds early career advancement benchmarks, such as participation in a mentorship program, informal and formal peer teaching observations, research writing and grant writing workshops, and submission of high-quality annual review and promotion dossier documentation.

Benefits of actively participating in the New Faculty Development Series:

Teaching and Learning 

  • Foundational understanding of effective teaching and learning practices, theory, and research.
  • Practical teaching and learning tips and suggestions that can be immediately applied into courses.
  • Impacting student performance and course retention with relevant teaching methods and approaches.
  • Inspiring students to apply content knowledge into future endeavors in pursuing advanced degrees and research and/or career opportunities.
  • Cultivating a culture of being a life-long learner through higher level of reflection of teaching and learning practices.
  • Receiving one-to-one teaching consultations by highly qualified, experienced faculty member.


  • Creating professional goals for annual reviews and promotion and tenure dossier.
  • Guidance in developing and implementing a research plan for 3-year review process.
  • Writing workshops for accountability to meet benchmarks for scholarly research.
  • Developing strategies for funding research through grants. 
  • Intellectual support with an academic community of scholars.
  • Building successful and productive research collaborations.


  • Providing a voice to strengthening or expanding programs/services in supporting students, faculty, and departments on a larger scope.
  • Building deeper awareness and understanding of university policies and procures.
  • Generates relationships and network with peers across college, university, and partner agencies within the surrounding community.
  • Finding service opportunities in the profession.
  • Developing strategies for meaningful departmental, college and university service commitments.

Belonging and Community

  • Smoother accumulation process into a full-time faculty position at UTA.
  • Connect and socialize with a cohort of faculty peers across the university.
  • Partnered with a UTA faculty mentor to navigate through the new role and responsibilities of being a full-time faculty.
  • Finding purpose with investing, supporting, and promoting the university and surrounding community.

New faculty at UTA are automatically enrolled into the New Faculty Development Series in August and program information is provided during New Faculty Orientation (Day 1 and Day 2).  Enrollment and communication about the Development Series is based on faculty having an active UTA email address.

Attendance is voluntary, but participation is highly recommended for long-term professional success in the areas of teaching, research, and service here at UTA.

For more information contact:

The New Faculty Development Series is in partnership with: The Center for Research on Teaching and Learning Excellence (CRTLE) and The Division of Faculty Success (DFS).