What is Inspire for Faculty?

In 2016 UTA began implementing a suite of powerful predictive analytic tools from Civitas Learning with the goal of maximizing our students’ success. The Inspire for Faculty (IFF) analytics tool tracks student engagement patterns in near real-time within each faculty member’s Canvas course. With the increased use of online learning content, this user-friendly dashboard surfaces actionable insights to faculty on student engagement in their courses. IFF facilitates easy, scalable outreach (nudges) to an individual student or to a group, stimulating conversations early to impact success in the ongoing class.

With Inspire for Faculty, instructors can:

· build greater rapport with students

· create a greater sense of accountability

· foster a sense of caring and belonging for the student

· communicate student value

· increase and enhance individual student performance

· receive positive feedback from students

· increase student success rates

IFF Handout Guide

Gaining access to Inspire for Faculty is easy! Simply click on the Inspire for Faculty link located in your Canvas course. You will automatically be logged into your instance of Inspire for Faculty. There is no need to remember another website address or password. Once logged into Canvas, you are automatically logged into Inspire for Faculty.

 canvas screenshot that shows where to click to find Inspire for Faculty

Inspire for Faculty provides a graphic display of student engagement. Data from Canvas is ingested nightly into Inspire for Faculty, providing an up-to-date view of a student’s engagement vis-à-vis the other students in the course. As student engagement changes, the colors on the heatmap reflect this change and indicate into which engagement bucket (very low, low, average, high, or very high) the student falls.

showing engagement overview about students

*Please note: During the first 3 days of the course, Inspire for Faculty is building its base for student engagement. If you see the following when you login to Inspire for Faculty, there is nothing wrong with the tool. There will be no colored heatmap for the first 3 days of the course, but faculty can still contact and communicate with students via Inspire for Faculty.

empty version of engagement overview

Faculty can gain deeper insight into student performance by utilizing Inspire for Faculty’s filtering feature. Faculty can filter by engagement score, as well as status, grade, and engagement shift. These filters can be combined in myriad ways, allowing faculty to view students in new and creative ways.

faculty filtering feature that shows students interaction

Groups can then be contacted from directly within Inspire for Faculty by using Inspire for Faculty’s email functionality. Individual students, as well as filtered groups, or the entire class can be contacted. It just takes a few seconds.

feature of faculty being able to email and filter by groups

Inspire for Faculty’s individual student record provides a variety of information to faculty at a glance. The student’s current engagement score, engagement score change, current grade (taken from Canvas), top engagement factors, and overall performance are displayed on one page. Engagement factors are tailored for each student, providing deeper understanding and insight into student performance in the class. Additionally, faculty can contact the student via Inspire for Faculty’s email functionality directly from this view.

faculty has the ability to see individual student record

Nudges to students during key points of the semester serve as reminders and sources of encouragement. Purposeful, consistent faculty involvement is critical in increasing student success and creating a culture of completion. Inspire for Faculty is a powerful resource, allowing faculty to stay engaged with their students, not only at key moments, but throughout the entire semester.

Struggling Students (very low, low, average engagement scores) (4-week Grades)

Subject Line: Into the First Turn

Text: Can you believe we’ve already come through 4 weeks of the semester? I just want to encourage you in your progress in this course. A steady pace is key in any endeavor. Please let me know how I can help you! Feel free to come and see me at any time


Students Performing Well (high, very high engagement scores) (4-week Grades)

Subject Line: Into the First Turn

Text: Can you believe we’ve already come through 4 weeks of the semester? You are doing very well and I just want to encourage you in your progress in this course. Keep up the good work! Please let me know how I can help you! Feel free to come and see me at any time!


Subject Line: You’re halfway there! (Mid-term)

Text: Great job! You’ve reached the halfway point in the semester! Let me encourage you as you gear up for mid-term exams and projects to pace yourself, get plenty of rest, and study hard! You can do it!


Subject Line: Entering the homestretch! (Week 12 Finish Strong Message)

Text: Yes, it’s true! You are now in the homestretch. As the end of the semester approaches in a few weeks, I am confident that you will finish strong! Keep up the momentum and cross that finish line with flying colors!


Subject Line: Thank you! (End of Semester Message)

Text: Thank you for making this a great semester and for adding so much to our class. Let me encourage you as you prepare for your final exams. I look forward to seeing you around campus and if you are graduating, congratulations!