Mentorship Program

The Faculty Development Series guide for New and Early-Career Faculty and Faculty Mentor Program is designed to facilitate the orientation of new and early career faculty to the UTA academic community and to provide professional support and assistance for achievement of quality teaching, research, scholarship, creative activity and service. Successful productivity in these areas benefit not only the new and early career faculty member, but the UTA community as a whole. 

A key component of the Faculty Development Series is faculty mentoring. This guide is for both the new and early career faculty members and their faculty mentors. 

For more information on Mentorship Program at: UTA Faculty Mentoring Program Guide

Mentorship Program Objectives

  • To foster a supportive professional and collegial environment that assist new faculty in acclimating to the department, college, and university.
  • To inform new faculty of resources and support systems that may assist them in their teaching, research creative activity, and service activities. 
  • To encourage new faculty to develop collaborative relationships with faculty peers within both their discipline and the entire UTA community that advances both career and their discipline. 
  • To encourage new faculty to utilize resources, services, and opportunities available throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area. 
  • To encourage new faculty to initiate interdisciplinary collaborations and accompanying scholarly and creative endeavors. 
  • To assist new faculty in developing one-year and five-year professional development plans.
  • To assist new faculty to familiarize themselves with UTA policies, expectations, and organizational structures.

The Role of the Mentor

Experienced faculty mentors are vital components in assisting new faculty through their early faculty years. Some of these areas include: UTA policies, procedures and overall campus environment, research, teaching, service commitments, tenure and/or evaluation process, and balancing professional and personal life.

Benefits of Being a Faculty Mentor

  • Increased diversity of networks from new professional partnerships
  • New insights, knowledge, and renewed energy/excitement from teaching/research/service areas
  • Collective synergy from intermingled writing and/or research opportunities
  • Ability to shape and grow the department/college culture vision
  • Sense of purpose and satisfaction to 'pay it forward' to the next generation of faculty scholars/leaders

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The Faculty Mentorship Program is in partnership with the Division of Faculty Success (DFS).