A program evaluation is necessary to ensure programmatic success and growth.  New and Early career mentees will be asked to complete an evaluation of the mentoring program and their mentor at the end of the first year of mentorship. 


Part of the mentor evaluation process, it is important to identify characteristics, attributes, and behaviors which foster successful mentoring partnerships. Some of these mentor evaluation questions include: 


  • Is the mentor willing to share his/her knowledge and academic career experience.
  • Does the mentor listen actively and non-judgmentally – not only to what is being said, but also to how it is said. 
  • Does the mentor asks open and supportive questions that stimulate reflection and makes suggestions without being prescriptive. 
  • Does the mentor give thoughtful, candid, and constructive feedback on performance, and asks for the same. 
  • Does the mentor provides emotional and moral encouragement, remaining accessible through regular meetings, emails, calls, etc. 
  • Does the mentor act as an advocate for his/her mentoring partner, brokering relationships and aiding in obtaining opportunities.


Mentees can find the Program/Mentor Evaluation Form at:   https://utaedu.questionpro.com/t/ARJNuZoROw