Effective Teaching Practices

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In this course, educators learn about and implement evidence-based teaching approaches that improve student achievement. Working through 25 modules across five comprehensive units of study, educators collaborate with peers, receive expert facilitation, and develop practices necessary to:

1. design an effective course and class
2. establish a productive learning environment
3. use active learning techniques
4. promote higher order thinking
5. assess in ways that inform and promote deeper levels of learning

This course prepares educators in all of the core competencies defined in ACUE’s Effective Practice Framework and leads to a Certificate in Effective Instruction awarded in collaboration with the American Council on Education.


Individuals who earn this certificate have satisfied the expectations of an ACUE course, including successful completion of at least 25 modules aligned to ACUE’s Effective Practice Framework. Certificate holders have demonstrated knowledge of and skill in implementing teaching practices that promote student achievement. Certificate holders typically have invested approximately 50 hours to meet course requirements.