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Tips to Prepare for Annual Reviews and CPE

Required items for FAR, Tenure & Promotion, CPE

Faculty Steps for Annual and CPE Reviews


T & P Workshop Dates 

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Group Sessions

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Special Session: How to Enter Information for Annual Review and CPE Register Here

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Session 1 – General Introduction To Digital Measures Register Here


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Session 2 – Getting The Most From DM: Running Reports Register Here


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Session 3 – How to Create a CV  Register Here


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Digital Measures Dossier Workshop 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year

Your grades are in (if not do that RIGHT NOW as they were due yesterday 8 am), and you can turn your attention to your annual review. You can find the calendar here of all reviews:

Information on Annual Reviews here:

If this is your first time completing this in workflow, or you have some questions, we are holding a run through for you to see how to enter your information in DM. We will go over what to expect, how to upload the required information, statements, what flow looks like and other topics.

Please join us on either :

To be announced soon.

Hope to see you at one of the sessions.

Department Trainings

Department specific trainings are available upon request. Please contact Digital Measures Help desk at to request a training session.


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User Guides

Reviewing and Validating Faculty Data in UTA Digital Measures

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Managing Faculty Data in UTA Digital Measures

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One-Click Syllabus Upload to Canvas, Dm, & Mentis

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Department Administrators: Running Tenure Stream Annual Review and CPE Reports

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