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Dr. Regina Praetorius Selected as Inaugural Fellow to Launch Nuestra Comunidad


Nuestra Comunidad (Our Community) is aimed at advancing UTA’s Hispanic serving identity by addressing Latinx college student wellbeing from several different angles. This programming is focused on enhancing Latinx students’ self-acceptance, personal growth, discovery of purpose in life, positive relations with others, environmental mastery, and autonomy. The elements have been found to foster wellbeing and motivation, degree attainment, and future success. Specifically, Nuestra Comunidad (Our Community) aims to:

1)      Connect Latinx students to each other toward belongingness—a key factor in student success and aligned with positive relations with others;

2)      Expose Latinx students to opportunities for personal growth and self-acceptance;

3)      Promote Latinx students’ environmental mastery through informal mentoring from faculty, staff, and students; and

4)      Assist Latinx students toward identifying their purpose in life while embracing their autonomy.

The program will be led by Regina T. Praetorius, a Latinx Professor of Social Work with over 20 years’ of experience in higher education including more than 9 years of formal experiences leading programs at UTA aimed at improving college student mental health and wellbeing while promoting student success.

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