University of Texas at Arlington 

Policy Statement on Tenure Clock due to Covid-19 

Original Posting: April 27, 2020; Update 2/28/2022


UT System Board of Regents' Rules and Regulations 31007, Sec. 5.1(b)(4) delegates the authority to the provost (chief academic officer) to make the decision to grant a one-year extension of the tenure clock. RR 31007 addresses extension requests that are due to a faculty member's personal circumstances. In those cases, RR 31007 allows for two one-year extensions. 


One-Year Additional Extension for Faculty Starting in AY 2019-2020, AY 2020-2021, and AY 2021-2022 In the face of extraordinary circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic where actions of the university curtail the research, teaching, and service of faculty, to alleviate the stress that pre-tenure faculty may experience, the UT System authorizes a one-year extension of the tenure clock at all eight academic institutions. This has been done and tenure track faculty starting fall 2019 and fall 2020 or have had previously a year added one to their tenure clock to use or not as they see fit. The University of Texas System has amended that extension.  The new extension covers all pre-tenure faculty hired on or before May 31, 2022.


Policy Statement

Covid-19 Extension to Tenure Time Clock Calendar Calculation Aid