Submit a Core Course Proposal

Detailed information about the specific core course requirements is located throughout this website. Please read the information found in the links on the bottom of this page prior to submitting your...

Be prepared to include the following information on the online form:
  • Catalog details of the course (course number, name, number of sections planned, number of students expected, etc.)
  • Details regarding how the proposed course aligns with one of THECB defined component areas. 
  • Details about how assignments meet the required student learning outcomes for the component area.
  • Details about your assessment strategy (if individual assessment is selected) or signature assignments (if communal assessment is selected)
  • Sample syllabus. In addition to the syllabus elements required by the University, the submitted syllabus must include the following (see example syllabus here):
    • A course purpose statement which clearly specifies that the course fulfills the requirements for the selected core component area
    • Course content and assignments that fulfill the requirements of the selected component area
    • Student learning outcomes required by THECB for the selected component stated verbatim in the list of objectives for the course
    • Relevant learning outcomes clearly listed for each assignment
    • If the communal assessment model is proposed, clearly identified signature assignments and their related student learning outcomes
    • If the individual assessment model is proposed, descriptions of appropriate and valid assessment strategies for each learning outcome

Courses already in the Core Curriculum resubmitted as a result of changes in the course/syllabus:

During the life of a course, it is normal that parts of the course change. Some of these changes are superficial and do not require resubmission to the Core Curriculum Committee. However, other changes are more substantial and require resubmission. The following non-comprehensive list should help to decide if the changes in your course require resubmission:

Changes requiring resubmission

  • Component area
  • Switching assessment type
  • Objectives
  • Learning outcomes

Changes not requiring resubmission

  • Instructor
  • Grade percentage
  • Cosmetic changes

In case of doubt, you can e-mail the chair of the committee to discuss these changes (Dr. Sergio Espinosa at