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Policies & Processes

The Provost and Academic Affairs’ portion of the Faculty & Staff Resources site houses information on policies, procedures, and other resources.

Faculty and Staff Resources


UTA’s learning management system, Canvas, is open, intuitive, and streamlines digital content and tools for students and instructors to interact with greater engagement. Canvas provides a digital learning environment that meets the unique challenges of delivering interactive, innovative, and student-centered content online.

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CIVITAS Learning

Inspire for Faculty is a powerful addition to UTA’s arsenal, equipping faculty more than ever to be totally engaged with our students. Having up-to-date student engagement data from the Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas, readily available, gives faculty the opportunity to identify students who may be struggling at an early stage.

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Digital Measures

UTA Digital Measures provides a centralized data resource for faculty to collect and organize their teaching, publications, presentations, and service, as well as awards and accomplishments in one centralized location.

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Student Feedback Surveys

As part of UTA’s efforts toward continually improving the quality of teaching, we have developed the Student Feedback Survey (SFS) program, a campus-wide program that affords students with an opportunity to reflect upon their experience in each organized course (lectures, labs, seminars, and practicum) and offer relevant feedback.

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