Tenure and Promotion

Date and time of the General Informational T&P Meeting will be on Tuesday, March 2nd at 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm via  Microsoft Teams Meeting here . Please Register Here

"Chairs and Admins: T&P Nuts and Bolts" Meeting will occur on Friday, March 12th at 2 pm to 3 pm via Microsoft Teams Meeting here. Please Register Here.

Before beginning the process of preparing the Tenure and Promotion or Promotion Dossier, candidates should review the guidelines for promotion and tenure and the Content and Format of Documentation for Candidates for Promotion and Tenure, which details the materials that must be included in the dossier.

For details governing the promotion and tenure process and the submitted materials, please refer to the Handbook of Operating Procedures AA-FPT-PO1.

The tenure and promotion process this year is being conducted through Digital Measures, an online digital environment. The information that is gathered for the T and P dossier will be the same but it will be drawn from the faculty member’s profile in Digital Measures. Faculty need to enter their information, verify that information drawn from other university databases (HR, MyMav, etc.) is correct and notify us of any errors. Please contact the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, Toni Sol ( amsol@uta.edu) if you are coming up for tenure and/or promotion in fall 2020.

We are scheduling regular meetings and training sessions for the fall 2020 cohort. You will generate your T and P report into Flow when the cycle begins in September.

Policy, Checklist, and FAQ