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Follow these steps to complete your application for admission as a transfer student. You should apply as a transfer student if you have attended another college or university after graduating from high school or receiving a GED; students planning to transfer from Texas two-year colleges should also reference Transfer Guides for Two-Year Colleges as a resource.

Application Priority Dates

Fall: Applications are still being accepted for Fall 2019.
Spring: October 15
Summer: April 1

Applications are still being accepted for Fall 2019.

Applications are accepted after the published priority date for each term, but for guaranteed consideration of admission, submit your application and associated materials by the priority date.

Refer to the posted scholarship deadlines and financial aid priority dates. Keep in mind that you must be admitted to be considered for scholarships and maximum grant funding for financial aid. For more information, visit the Financial Aid and Scholarship's website.


In order to determine your admission, UTA considers your cumulative transfer GPA for transfer students with at least 24 transferable hours, and class rank and SAT or ACT scores for students with less than 24 transferable hours. Please refer to the chart below for minimum admission requirements. You may also review admission policies and legislative requirements in the University Catalog.

Minimum Transferable Credit HoursMinimum Acceptable GPAAdditional Requirements
Less than 24 2.25

Must meet freshman admission requirements AND

  • Have at least a 2.25 GPA on all transfer work
  • No developmental coursework when calculating minimum transferable credit hours or GPA
  • Grades of "D" or below do not transfer
  • All credits must be issued by a regionally accredited institution
24 or more 2.25
  • No developmental coursework when calculating minimum transferable credit hours or GPA
  • Grades of "D" or below do not transfer
  • All credits must be issued by a regionally accredited institution


You will need to apply using the ApplyTexas online application.

  • Create your profile on the ApplyTexas website to get a username and password.
  • Select "Create a New 4 Year University Undergraduate Admissions Application."
  • Select The University of Texas at Arlington as the target university and "Transfer/Transient/Readmit" as the application type.
  • Complete Part I of the application. Part II and the essays are optional.
  • Submit your application.



Option One: Pay with a credit card on the ApplyTexas application. 

Option Two: (Preferred): Pay online through the UTA website with Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover. 


Fee Waivers

UTA does not offer application fee waivers for transfer students.

Engineering students


Submit your official transcripts from each school attended and other official documents to the Office of Admissions either electronically, by mail, or in person. The best and fastest method to submit official documents is electronically — emailed directly from your school. 

If you have not earned 24 transferable college hours, you must also submit:

  • Your official high school transcript from your high school.
  • Your SAT or ACT scores.



One of the cool things about being a transfer student is that you get to bring your credit with you! Shortly after you've been admitted to the University, your transfer credits will be evaluated and posted to your MyMav Student Center.

We've outlined these general transfer rules to help you anticipate course transferability.

  • UTA only accepts classes where you earned a "C" or better, so keep your grades up to receive as much credit as possible. Vocational coursework is not transferable.
  • Developmental coursework is not transferable.
  • Transfer students have no option for erasing a low grade. UTA will not use "grade replacement," "grade forgiveness," "grade exclusion," or any other type of amnesty from the grades you earned.
  • UTA does not recognize life and/or career credit.
  • While you may be core complete, there may be a major course requirement or prerequisite that require you to take a course that looks like a core requirement, but doesn't act like one. You should talk with your academic advisor to discuss these requirements.

Transfer Equivalency

Transferring to UTA is easy, but we hope to make it even easier with our sample degree plans, articulation agreement guides, and transfer equivalency guide.

Transfer Guides for Texas Two-Year Colleges:

See Also:

Reverse Transfer

If you attended a two-year institution and transferred before earning an associate's degree, UTA has a reverse transfer process that allows you to complete the requirements of your associate's degree at UTA. All UTAxTCC students are automatically qualified for reverse transfer. All other students should contact their transfer admission counselor for more information about the reverse transfer process for your former institution.

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