Course Equivalency Tool

Tool Tips


Students will not receive transfer credit for these courses.


These are considered workforce courses and do not necessarily mean that the coursework will transfer to UT Arlington. 

No Transfer Equivalent

This does not necessarily mean that the course will not transfer to UT Arlington. Instead, it indicates that the coursework’s equivalency is unknown and will be determined by the transfer articulation team.

Official/Unofficial Transfer Evaluation

Official transfer evaluations are conducted for current UT Arlington students after receipt of an official transcript as part of the admissions process. The transfer equivalency application can only provide you with an unofficial transfer evaluation. Transferability of any listed course is not guaranteed.

Science and Math Courses

Course sequences vary among institutions and may not directly equate with UT Arlington sequences on a course-for-course basis. Common examples of this include Biology, Physics, Math, and Chemistry.

Credit Disclaimer

UT Arlington awards transfer credit according to the policies listed in the UT Arlington academic catalog.

For incoming transfer students, the transfer equivalency application tool results may be awarded after submitting an admissions application and official transcripts.

For current UT Arlington students, please consult your academic advisor before taking a course at UTA or another institution.

Transfer equivalencies are revised frequently; they are only to be used as a guide and do not guarantee that a specific course will transfer to UTA until an official UTA evaluation is completed.

Contact Information

For additional assistance with transferring to UT Arlington, contact a Transfer Admissions Counselor.

If you cannot find a course equivalency, you can email

If you’re a current UT Arlington student and have questions about international transfer credit, contact the Admissions Processing office at

Transfer credit is generally awarded at UT Arlington for academic course credit earned from regionally accredited institutions. Courses taken at domestic and international institutions of higher education that are not regionally accredited must be individually reviewed for transfer to UT Arlington by submitting a Non-Regionally-Accredited Transfer Credit Request.