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Math Placement Test

At the UTA Math Department, student success is our number one priority. In order to determine the math course in which you have the best opportunity for success, the Math Department utilizes a modern, evidence-based math placement program. All incoming students for Summer/Fall 2020 or later will use the online placement and preparation system ALEKS PPL. Returning students who have taken courses at UTA prior to Summer/Fall 2020 should skip down to the MPT information to complete their placement. Math placement using ALEKS PPL is a multi-stage process of assessment and improvement, not an online exam! In addition, select courses may require the completion of the UTA Math Placement Test (MPT). Please see the table below to determine the requirements for the math course you wish to take:

For more information and to get started with ALEKS, please click here to enroll in our Math Placement Program course in Canvas.

Students enrolled prior to Summer/Fall 2020, and incoming students who have completed ALEKS, continue to the expandable sections below for information and access to the MPT.

All correspondence pertaining to math placement (including any issues you may have accessing/completing/etc. an assessment) should be directed to For additional information, see the Contact Us section below. Be sure to email from your UTA email address and include your StudentID and NetID within the email.

The UTA Math Placement Test (MPT)

Students who wish to enroll in Math 1303, 1316, 1421, and 1426 may be required to take the Math Placement Test (MPT). Certain students may be exempted from testing based on transfer credit from another college or university. Refer to the section below, Who Needs to Take the MPT.

The MPT is provided to help students determine if they have retained necessary knowledge from previous math courses. Students should have already completed the ALEKS PPL prior to taking the MPT. Spending time in the ALEKS Prep and Learning Module is strongly recommended. For further review of Algebra and Pre-Calculus topics, please refer to the section below, Study Plan for applicable study materials in the Math Placement Test environment. This test will impact registration for certain courses including MATH 1426 - Calculus I. To reach desired placement, you need to score your best on the MPT.

Before you test, click here for detailed test instructions. It is imperative you read the test instructions carefully. The MPT is available online at and can be accessed from any computer. We highly recommend using a dependable computer with a reliable internet connection. Please use Firefox or Chrome as your internet browser. It is not recommended to use Internet Explorer or Safari.

The initial testing is free for all UTA students, however all retakes will require a 14 day waiting period, an emailed request for a retake sent to and either further participation in the ALEKS Placement Preparation and Learning system, or the payment of a $50 administrative fee per retesting session. Please refer to the Number of Attempts section below for additional information.

For more information, see video and bullet points below on the respective topic.

Who Needs to Take the MPT

The MPT is required in order to register for MATH 1426 – Calculus I. Students in science and engineering majors are required to take the MPT regardless of SAT/ACT/AP scores or transfer credit.

If you wish to register for MATH 1303, 1316, 1327, or 1421 and have transfer credit for a prerequisite math class, you may not be required to take the MPT. You should contact the Math Office (817-272-3261) to inquire if your transfer credit exempts you from taking the MPT. It is always best to check with your academic advisor to determine if you are required to take the MPT.

Students seeking to enroll in MATH 1301, 1302, 1308, or 1315, DO NOT need to take the MPT. The only prerequisite for these classes is TSI compliance which can be obtained by successfully passing MATH 0311 or MATH 0312 or obtaining the appropriate score on the state TSI placement exam. Additional information about TSI can be found at

Test Description

The MPT consists of 2 timed and graded parts with an unscored prerequisite MPT Orientation/Practice test to orient students with the computerized testing program:

  • Orientation (you have 30 minutes to complete 7 ungraded questions)

  • Algebra (you have 90 minutes to complete 25 questions)

  • Precalculus (you have 60 minutes to complete 20 questions)

Not all students will take all parts. Students will start with the Orientation/Practice Test. There is no specific score requirement for the practice test, so upon completion students will proceed to the Algebra portion of the MPT. The MPT Algebra determines enrollment in Math 1303, 1316, and 1421. A score of 11 is required for Math 1303. A score of 17 or better is required for Math 1421.

Students who receive a 17 or better on the Algebra portion of the MPT will proceed to the Precalculus portion. A score of 13 or better on the MPT Precalculus in addition to the 17 or better achieved on the MPT Algebra portion is required for Math 1426.

Study Plan

The Study Plan is free to use regardless of a student's intention to take or not take the Math Placement Test. It is designed as an academic resource to aid students in their respective self-study of important foundational mathematical topics in preparation for success in other courses.

Before you actually begin the MPT, it is advised that you take advantage of the Practice Tests and Study Plan materials within the Math Placement Test. Simply log into the MPT, click Math Placement Test in the left column, and find those link options below the test links. If you view all chapters of the study plan, you can focus on Chapter R2 through Chapter 2 to prepare for Part 1 of the MPT, and Chapters 2-6 for Part 2.

Students should feel welcome to use the Study Plan both before and after the Math Placement Test, if taking the Math Placement Test is applicable to the individual student's academic pathway, to further enrich their mathematical prowess.

Number of Attempts

Students are allowed one free initial attempt at the MPT for purposes of course placement. Students will be allowed a second attempt on the MPT after a minimum of 14 days has passed from the initial attempt. Any and all additional attempts must be specifically requested via email sent to Your email must be sent from your UTA email address and include your NetID.

There will be a fee for each retesting session regardless of which or how many parts of the Math Placement Test are necessary for retesting purposes. For their initial retake, students may opt to work in the ALEKS Placement Preparation and Learning system to earn their MPT retake. With this option, students will take an initial ALEKS diagnostic assessment and spend at least 5 hours practicing in a personalized study plan, after which they may request a retake of the MPT. (This is highly recommended as it will serve not only to prepare you for your MPT retake, but also for your upcoming math coursework.) Students opting out of the ALEKS program or needing additional retakes must pay a $50 administrative fee for each part of the MPT that they need to retake.

For students wishing to register for MATH 1426 - Calculus I, if you scored a 76 or higher on the ALEKS PPL, but did not pass both portions of the MPT, please contact your advisor to see if a waiver may be granted.

You will not be allowed additional attempts because of technical difficulties with your Internet service or failure to follow instructions. If your Internet service is subject to interruptions, you may wish to take the test on campus at one of 10 University computer labs. For a complete listing of the computer labs on campus, go to

A third attempt may be granted after additional UTA mathematics coursework has been completed. Students may begin to request a third attempt after the drop date in each respective semester.

Interpretation of Scores

Your MPT Score will be displayed after you click the "submit" button. Scores will generally be available in MyMav within two business days. You should discuss your scores with your academic advisor. You may also direct general MPT questions to the Math Front Office, PKH 478, phone 817-272-3261.

Academic Integrity

This test is subject to University rules on academic dishonesty. You are allowed to use a non-graphing calculator on the MPT, but you may not receive help from any source. Receiving or providing assistance on the MPT will be subject to discipline for academic dishonesty. It is the philosophy of The University of Texas at Arlington that academic dishonesty is a completely unacceptable mode of conduct and will not be tolerated in any form. Discipline may include suspension or expulsion from the University.

Protection of Personal Information

For the completion of placement testing, you will utilize MyMathTest by Pearson Education. In this process, basic personal information such as name, email address, and assignment score may be disclosed to and collected from Pearson. Your information may be used and/or stored by Pearson, for the purposes of hosting, maintaining and supporting the website, providing technical and customer support, processing payment, and managing and administering their business. Pearson takes reasonable contractual, technical and procedural measures to protect personal information and comply with applicable local laws and regulations while it is being processed, handled and/or stored by Pearson and its affiliates or vendors. Further information is available at:

Contact Us

Should you encounter problems accessing ALEKS or the MPT, please send an email to the Learning Resource Personnel in the Mathematics Department, at Be sure to email from your UTA email address and include your StudentID and NetID within the email. If any questions or you need additional information about ALEKS or the MPT, you may also call Learning Resource Personnel at 817-272-1749.