Math Placement Testing

In the UTA Department of Mathematics, student success is our number one priority. To determine the math course in which you have the best opportunity for success, the department utilizes a modern, evidence-based math placement program. All students needing a math course at or below the MATH 1426 – Calculus I level should take a UTA placement exam, even if you have taken or passed the TSI.

The Mathematics Department has two options for course placement: ALEKS PPL and the Math Placement Test (MPT). Both tests are available to take online at your convenience, with no appointment necessary. The initial testing session for both options is free for all UTA students.

We recommend students start with the ALEKS PPL by taking an initial assessment without any prior practice to establish a baseline score and generate the personalized review module. Then, spend time working through the review lessons to prepare for upcoming classes and take up to four more free subsequent attempts to try to improve your score to qualify for a higher-level class.

For more information and to get started with ALEKS or the MPT, click here to enroll in our Math Placement Program course in Canvas.



All correspondence pertaining to math placement (including any issues you may have accessing/completing/etc. an assessment) should be directed to Be sure to email from your UTA email address and include your Student ID and NetID within the email. If you have any questions or you need additional information about ALEKS or the MPT, you may also call the Learning Resource Center at 817-272-1749.