Math Placement Testing

In the UTA Department of Mathematics, student success is our number one priority. To determine the math course in which you have the best opportunity for success, the department utilizes a modern, evidence-based math placement program.

All students needing a math course at or below the MATH 1426 – Calculus I level should take the ALEKS placement assessment, even if you have passed the TSI. Students who have completed all required math courses, who have college-level credit for Calculus I, or who will not be taking math at UTA do not need a math placement assessment.

We recommend students start with ALEKS by taking an initial assessment without any prior practice to establish a baseline score and generate the personalized review module. Then, spend time working through the review lessons to prepare for upcoming classes and take up to four more free subsequent attempts to try to improve your score to qualify for a higher-level class.


For more information and to get started with ALEKS, click here to enroll in our Math Placement Program in CanvasYou will be asked to log into Canvas with your student email and password, and you will enroll in the Math Placement Program “course”, which consists of a short tutorial module and FAQs about math placement, plus the link to the ALEKS system.

Courses in green may be taken without any prerequisite coursework or minimum placement score. Advisors will use ALEKS scores along with student background to recommend the appropriate version of the course.

* Co-Requisite versions of MATH 1301, 1302, and 1315 are available to provide extra class time and support. Students receive roughly double the amount of instructional time, and the course will cover foundational concepts and may be broken down into shorter units which are easier to digest. Students with ALEKS scores below 50 for Contemporary Math or 56 for Algebra may be advised to take the co-requisite version of the course for extra support, especially if significant time has passed since their last math course.

Courses in blue require either the corresponding ALEKS score or prerequisite coursework. Placing into these courses with ALEKS does not earn credit toward the prerequisite course; it simply allows students to start with these higher-level courses.

Calculus I requires a 76 or higher on ALEKS regardless of prior coursework, test scores, etc.

Students, please complete the Math Placement Program tutorial and read through the FAQs first, and then if you still have questions or run into issues, be sure to email from your UTA email address and include your Student ID and NetID within the email. All correspondence pertaining to math placement should be directed to

UTA Advisors, please click here for our full Math Placement Program Guide for Advisors.