Mathematics Department Grievance Form

What is the grievance process?

An instructor has the primary responsibility for assigning grades and his or her judgment is final unless there is evidence of discrimination or procedural irregularities. A disagreement with the judgment made by the instructor is not a valid reason for submitting a grievance. The department will not override an instructor's determination of a grade except in cases of documented policy violations or discriminatory practices.

If you experience a conflict with an instructor you should try and resolve the issue with your instructor prior to requesting involvement from the Department of Mathematics. Most issues can be resolved by scheduling a meeting and discussing your concerns with your instructor.

How the process works

Fill out this form in its entirety and be prepared to provide supporting documentation. The more information we have, the faster we can resolve issues. Every effort will be made to assist in a confidential manner. In some situations, it may be necessary that we speak to the instructor. Therefore, we cannot promise confidentiality. However, the information you provide here is only for the purposes of assisting with your dispute.

It is important to note that filing a grievance does not guarantee your proposed solution or a grade change. After we have completed our investigation, you will be informed of our conclusions. This represents the final decision from the department.

What happens if a grievance is unresolved?

You should not reach out to the Dean of the College of Science until you have submitted the grievance to the Math Department and we have attempted resolution. If the dispute requires further intervention, we will refer you. If you contact the Office of the President or Provost regarding your grievance you will be referred back to the Department. They will not attempt to resolve your issue.