Test and Exam Schedule

The dates below pertain to the classes that test in the LRC Computer Lab, PKH 308: MATH 1302, 1402, 1308, and 1309. For other classes, please see the Departmental Exams page.

A table showing testing dates in the LRC computer lab  

The dates above are subject to change. Please consult your course syllabus and schedule in Canvas for the correct testing dates for your class. For Accelerated Online Program (AOP) sections and any other sections not specifically listed, please consult your syllabus/schedule. 



All exams will take place in Pickard Hall 308 - The Mathematics Learning Resource Computer Lab. 
Final exams are based on current lab or lecture sections and times. 
Please find your current section in the chart in order to obtain the scheduled time for your final exam. 
In the event you have another exam scheduled at the same time, please see your instructor. 

The Computer Lab will hold regular hours until 9:00pm on Tuesday, April 30th. 
The lab will then be closed for testing during the entire final exam week.
 (For courses with attendance requirements - Tuesday, April 30th will be the last day to earn hours.)