Math Preparation

UTA’s Math Preparation Program utilizes the ALEKS assessment in which a series of questions are used to build a personalized review plan to help students prepare for college-level mathematics courses.

Why use ALEKS?

ALEKS is a fabulous resource for building a strong foundation for your next math course. ALEKS uses your initial assessment answers and AI to create a Prep and Learning module specific to you. The system will then present the topics that you need to review in the order in which you are ready to learn them. Working in your review module will help you to brush up on your skills, regain lost knowledge, and fill in any gaps prior to starting your college math course.

If your major is in the College of Science, Engineering, Architecture, or Business, or if you are undecided, then your ALEKS score will be used for placement. Your academic advisor will use your scores to help make appropriate recommendations for course registration. Please see our Math Placement page.

What is ALEKS?

UTA’s ALEKS assessment can be taken online or on campus by appointment (see tutorial in Canvas for instructions). The ALEKS system provides a personalized learning module designed to help improve your math skills. Work through the module and then retake the assessment to improve your score.

McGraw Hill ALEKS P P L logo   ALEKS features. Take up to 5 times during 1-year free access. Smart test learns what you know and what you need to review. Provides a prep and learning module based on assessment results to help you prepare for upcoming classes.

How to start?

Below are the recommended steps to have the best chance of being prepared for your math course. NOTE: Seniors in high school do not have to wait to graduate before taking the assessment. Once you are admitted and have your UTA email, take ALEKS!

  1. Click here to enroll in our Math Placement and Preparation Tutorial in CanvasLog into Canvas with your student email and password. At the end of the tutorial and FAQs, the ALEKS link will take you to the placement assessment.
  2. Take the ALEKS assessment.
  3. Choose a Prep and Learning module appropriate to the math course you will most likely take.
  4. Work in your module prior to the start of your math course to build your skills and start the semester with confidence!

Which Prep and Learning module should I choose?


The Prep for College Algebra module is best for preparing for Business Algebra (MATH 1315) or College Algebra (MATH 1402).

The Prep for Intermediate Algebra module is best for preparing for Contemporary Math (MATH 1301), Elementary Statistics (MATH 1308), or Statistical Literacy (MATH 1309).

The Prep for Basic Algebra module can be used for preparing to retake the TSI test. NOTE: You must satisfy your TSI requirements before you register for classes.

When in doubt, choose the higher level so that all topics you'll need for your class will be included.


Students, please complete the Math Placement and Preparation Tutorial and read through the FAQs first, and then if you still have questions or run into issues, be sure to email from your UTA email address and include your Student ID and NetID within the email. All correspondence pertaining to math placement should be directed to