Ph.D. Alumni


Crystal Mackey, Aug 2020
Thesis: Mathematical Modeling of Scavengers and Zebras on the African Savannawith Disease Dynamics
Advisor: Dr. Christopher Kribs

Ben Hildebrand, Aug 2020
Thesis: New Development in Grid Generation and Image Analysis
Advisor: Dr. Guojun Liao

John Montalbo, Aug 2020
Thesis: Inverse Problems and Forward Propagation of Optical Flow
Advisor: Dr. Gaik Ambartsoumian

Souad Sosa, Aug 2020
Thesis: Optimal Bandwidth Selection for Deconvoluted Kernel Density Estimation using Bootstrap Method
Advisor: Dr. Shan Sun-Mitchell

Zachry J. Engel, Aug 2020
Thesis: Likelihood Inference for Flexible Cure Rate Models in the Context of Infectious Diseases with Multiple Exposures
Advisor: Dr. Surva Pal

Wenqing Zhu, Aug 2020
Thesis: Asymptotic Normality of the Deconvolution Kernel Density Estimators Based on Independent as well as Strong Mixing Right Censored Data
Advisor: Dr. Shan Sun-Mitchell

Kiran Kumar Mainali, Aug 2020
Thesis: Optimizing L1 Loss Regularizer and its Application to EEG Inverse Problem
Advisors: Dr. Rencang Li, Dr. Li Wang

Dwight Williams II, May 2020
Thesis: Bases of infinite-dimensional orthosymplectic Lie superalgebras
Advisor: Dr. Dimitar Grantcharov

Janessa Beach, May 2020
Thesis: Examining the Concept Images of Function Held by Preservice Secondary Mathematics Teachers with Varying Levels of Prior Mathematical Experiences
Advisor: Dr. James Alvarez

Mondal Hasan Zahid, May 2020
Thesis: Impact of domestic animals on prevalence of vector-borne diseases in humans
Advisor: Dr. Christopher Kribs

Sumeyye Su, May 2020
Thesis: Precision Medicine: Gene and Clinical Data Analysis of Renal Cancer
Advisors: Dr. Leili Shahriyari, Dr. Tuncay Aktosun

Omer Mogultay, May 2020
Thesis: Optimal Treatment Strategies for Cancer patients in terms of Survival Months and Socio-Economic Factors
Advisors: Dr. Leili Shahriyari, Dr. Tuncay Aktosun


Ariel Leslie, Dec 2019
Thesis: Mathematical Modeling of a Network of Neurons Regarding Glucose TransportDeficiency Induced Epileptic Seizures
Advisors: Dr. Jianzhong Su, Dr. Li Wang

Anthony Mastriania, Dec 2019
Thesis: Some Quadratic Regular Algebras on Four Generators with a 1-Dimensional Nonreduced Line Scheme
Advisor: Dr. Michaela Vancliff

Sita Charkrit, Dec 2019
Thesis: Liutex Analysis by POD and DMD for Vortex Formations In Boundary Layer Transition
Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu

Izzet Sozucok, Aug 2019
Thesis: Prediction of Remaining Lifetime Distribution from Functional Trajectories based on Censored Observations
Advisor: Dr. Shan Sun-Mitchell

Aohud Abdulrahman Binbuhaer, May 2019
Thesis: On Optimizing the Sum of Rayleigh Quotients on the Unit Sphere
Advisor: Dr. Ren-cang Li

Imelda Trejo, May 2019
Thesis: Modeling the Effects of the Immune System for Bone Fracture Healing
Advisor: Dr. Hristo Kojouharov
Position Obtained: Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM

Joshua Patterson, May 2019
Thesis: Modeling an M / M / 1 queue with unreliable Service and a Working Vacation
Advisor: Dr. Andrzej Korzeniowski

Omomayowa Olawoyin, May 2019
Thesis: Mathematical Modeling of Zika Virus Transmission and Multiple Pathogen Interactions
Advisor: Dr. Christopher Kribs

Zicong Zhou, May 2019
Thesis: Image Analysis Based on Differential Operators with Applications to Brain MRIs
Advisor: Dr. Guojun Liao


Mahmoud Jawad, Aug 2018
Thesis: Posterior Normal Approximation of Real-Time Degradation Modeling using Laplace Approximation
Advisor: Dr. Shan Sun-Mitchell
Position Obtained: Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, University of Texas at Arlington

Mark Jackson, Aug 2018
Thesis: Modeling Plant Virus Propagation and an Optimal Control
Advisor: Dr. Benito Chen

Mei Yang, Aug 2018
Thesis: Optimizing Krylov Subspace Methods for Linear Systems and Least Squares Problems
Advisor: Dr. Ren-cang Li

Iris Alvarado, Aug 2018
Thesis: Mathematical Modeling of the Bone Remodeling Process
Advisor: Dr. Hristo Kojouharov
Position Obtained: Senior Lecturer in Mathematical Sciences, The University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX

Geoffrey Schuette, May 2018
Thesis: Asymptotic Properties of the Deconvolution Kernel Density Estimator based on 2-dependent Error Structures with Applications
Advisor: Dr. Shan Sun-Mitchell
Position Obtained: Data Scientist,, Fort Worth, TX

Emel Bolat, May 2018
Thesis: A Study on the Rotational B-Family of Equations
Advisor: Dr. Yue (David) Liu

Derek Tomlin, May 2018
Thesis: Projective Geometry Associated to Some Quadratic, Regular Algebras of Global Dimension Four
Advisor: Dr. Michaela Vancliff
Position Obtained: Faculty, Department of Mathematics, University of Colorado

Ercan Ramazan, May 2018
Thesis: Scattering and Inverse Scattering on the Line for a First-order System with Energy-dependent Potentials
Advisor: Dr. Tuncay Aktosun

Hillary Smith, May 2018
Thesis: Discrete Time Risk Models with Random Premiums
Advisor: Dr. Andrezj Korzeniowski


Yi Liu, Dec 2017
Thesis: Statistical Estimation in Multivariate Normal Distribution with A Block of Missing Observations
Advisor: Dr. Chien-Pai Han
Position Obtained: Business Analytics Analyst II, University Analytics, The University of Texas at Arlington

Gul Karaduman, Dec 2017
Thesis: Numerical Solution of Saddle Point Problems by Projection Method
Advisor: Dr. Ren-cang Li

Yinlin Dong, Aug 2017
Thesis: Mathematical Methods for Vortex Identification with Application on Shock Wave Vortex Ring Interaction
Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu
Position Obtained: Assistant Professor, Mathematics, South East Arkansas University

Sat Byul Seo, Aug 2017
Thesis: Evoked and Spontaneous Neurotransmitter Releases For Independent Synaptic Currents: Mathematical Modeling and Analysis
Advisor: Dr. Jianzhong Su

Jie Tang, Aug 2017
Thesis: Stability Study on Shear Flow and Vortices in Late Boundary Layer Transition
Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu

Ting Luo, Aug 2017
Thesis: A Study on Traveling Wave Solutions in the Shallow-Water-Type System
Advisor: Dr. Yue (David) Liu
Position Obtained: Faculty, Mathematics, Academy of Science in China

Yong Yang, Aug 2017
Thesis: High Order DNS for Vortex Structure in Late Flow Transition
Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu
Position Obtained: Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Western Texas A&M University

Sl Ghi Choi, Aug 2017
Thesis: Image Reconstruction from Incomplete Radon Data and Generalized Principal Component Analysis
Advisor: Dr. Gaik Ambartsoumian

Junwei Sun, Aug 2017
Thesis: A Study on the Nonlocal Shallow-Water Model Arising From the Full Water Waves with the Coriolis Effect
Advisor: Dr. Yue (David) Liu

Andrew Dale Cavaness, Aug 2017
Thesis: Simple Weight Modules of the Lie Algebra of Vector Fields of C2
Advisor: Dr. Dimitar Grantcharov

Robert Cavender Campbell, Aug 2017
Thesis: Characterizing College Algebra Students' Mathematical Problem Solving
Advisor: Dr. James Alvarez

Ivan Ojeda Ruiz, Aug 2017
Thesis: Normalized Cut Problems with Generalized Linear Constraints
Advisor: Dr. Ren-cang Li
Position Obtained: Lecturer, Texas State University

Hassan Abd Salman Al-Dujaly, May 2017
Thesis: Weighted Upwinding Compact Scheme for Shock Capturing
Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu

Basanti Sharma Poudyal, May 2017
Thesis: Existence of Exact Zero Divisors and Totally Reflexive Modules in Artinian Rings
Advisor: Dr. David Jorgensen

Afshan Boodhwani, May 2017
Thesis: Nonparametric Adaptive Distribution-Free Procedure for Crossover Design with Repeated Measures
Advisor: Dr. Shan Sun-Mitchell


Honggaung Xi, 2016
Thesis: A Harmonic Function Method for EEG Source Reconstruction
Advisor: Dr. Jianzhong Su

Melinda Au, 2016
Thesis: Three-Dimensional Image Reconstruction (3direct) of Sparse Signals with MRI Application
Advisor: Dr. Ren-cang Li

Piyachart Wiangnak, 2016
Thesis: Likelihood Based Inference for COM-Poisson Cure Rate Model with Interval Censored Data
Advisor: Dr. Suvra Pal

Xi Chen, 2016
Thesis: Numerical Construction of Diffeomorphism and the Application to Grid Generation and Image Registration
Advisor: Dr. Guojun Liao

Christopher Mitchell, 2016
Thesis: Calculating Reproductive Numbers for Periodic Epidemic Systems
Advisor: Dr. Christopher Kribs

Nathan Steele, 2016
Thesis: Support and Rank Varieties of Totally-Acyclic Complexes
Advisor: Dr. David Jorgensen

Rachel Traylor, 2016
Thesis: Stochastic reliability models for a general server and related networks
Advisor: Dr. Andrzej Korzeniowski

John Griffis, 2016
Thesis: Representations of the Extended Poincare Superalgebras in Four Dimensions
Advisor: Dr. Dimitar Grantcharov

Richard Chandler, 2016
Thesis: On the Quantum Spaces of Some Quadratic Regular Algebras of Global Dimension Four
Advisor: Dr. Michaela Vancliff

Ahmed Ali, 2016
Thesis: Bisection method for the banded hyperbolic quadratic eigenvalue problem
Advisor: Dr. Rencang Li


Justin Blackwell, 2015
Thesis: Numerical Methods for Spontaneous and Evoked Glutamate Release
Advisor: Dr. Jianzhong Su

Daniel Wood, 2015
Thesis: Advancements and Applications of Nonstandard Finite Difference Methods
Advisor: Dr. Hristo Kojouharov
Position Obtained: Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA

Wilber Ventura, 2015
Thesis: On Solving Forward-Backward SDEs
Advisor: Dr. Andrzej Korzeniowski

Pengcheng Xiao, 2015
Thesis: A Modeling Study in The Regulation Of Stress On Neuronal Plasticity
Advisor: Dr. Jianzhong Su

Julie Sutton, 2015
Thesis: The Influence Of Dynamic Visualization On Undergraduate Calculus Learning
Advisor: Dr. James Alvarez

Rachel Goodwin, 2015
Thesis: Some Multivariate Process Capability Indices
Advisor: Dr. Chien-Pai Han

Carl Looney, 2015
Thesis: Finite M-Inverse Loops and Quasigroups with a Long Inverse Cycle
Advisor: Dr. Minerva Cordero-Epperson

Allie Ray, 2015
Thesis: Nilpotent Lie Algebras and Nilmanifolds Constructed from Graphs
Advisor: Dr. Ruth Gornet

Scott Lacy, 2015
Thesis: Property D-Cyclic Neofields
Advisor: Dr. Minerva Cordero-Epperson

Zhengjie Wang, 2015
Thesis: Construction of Weighted Upwind Compact Scheme
Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu

Thomas Ferguson, 2015
Thesis: Weight Modules of Orthosymplectic Lie Superalgebras
Advisor: Dr. Dimitar Grantcharov


Yousef Alkhezi, 2014
Thesis: Properties of The Pinched Tensor Product
Advisor: Dr. David Jorgensen

Xiao Wang, 2014
Thesis: Numerical Les For Mvg Controlled Supersonic Ramp Flow
Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu

Alicia Machuca, 2014
Thesis: A method for exact solutions to integrable evolution equations in 2+1 dimensions
Advisor: Dr. Tuncay Aktosun
Position Obtained: Assistant Prof Texas Woman's Univ, Denton, TX

Juan Romero-Padilla, 2014
Thesis: Estimation of variance in bivariate normal distribution after preliminary test of homogeneity
Advisor: Dr. Chien-Pai Han

Kelly Aman, 2014
Thesis: Application of cubical arrays in the study of finite semifields
Advisor: Dr. Minerva Cordero-Epperson

Denise Rangel 2014
Thesis: Representation theory of totally reflexive modules over Non-Gerenstein rings
Advisor: Dr. David Jorgensen

Larrissa Owens, 2014
Thesis: Differential equation models of foreign body fibrotic reactions for assessing roles of macrophage phenotypes and mesenchymal stem cells
Advisor: Dr. Jianzhong Su

Mehmet Unlu, 2014
Thesis: A generalized approach to Darboux transformations for differential equations
Advisor: Dr. Tuncay Aktosun
Position Obtained: Asst Prof, Recep Tayyip Erdogan University, Turkey


Huankun Fu, 2013
Thesis: High Order Numerical Schemes for PDEs and Applications to CFD
Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu

Manoj Kumar Thapa, 2013
Thesis: Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) Study for the Origin of Flow Chaos in late Boundary Layer Transition over a Flat Plate
Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu

Juan A Licea Salazar, 2013
Thesis: The Polynomial Chaos Method with Applications to Random Differential Equations
Advisor: Dr. Benito Chen-Charpentier

Xiaoyang Dong, 2013
Thesis: Mathematical Models of Nutrient Recycling and Toxin Production in a Gradostat
Advisor: Dr. Hristo Kojouharov
Position Obtained: Senior Associate (Analyst), Phoenix Analytics Center, Discover Financial Services, Phoenix, AZ

Daoying Lin, 2013
Thesis: Haplotype Based Statistical Inference for Case Control Genetic Association Studies with Complex Sampling
Advisor: Dr. Yan Li

Ibrahim Oumar Diakite, 2013
Thesis: Effects of Discrete Time Delays and Parameters Variation on Dynamical Systems
Advisor: Dr. Benito Chen-Charpentier

Weichao Wang, 2013
Thesis: Numerical Studies for M Matrix Algebraic Riccati Equations
Advisor: Dr. Rencang Li

Aubrey Rhoden, 2013
Thesis: Applications and Adaption of a Globally Convergent Method in Inverse Problems
Advisor: Dr. Jianzhong Su

Byungsoo Moon, 2013
Thesis: A Study on the Generalized Two-Component Hunter-Saxton System and Burger αβ Equations
Advisors: Dr. Yue Liu and Tuncay Aktosun

Thomas Seaquist, 2013
Thesis: Optimal Stopping for Markov Modulated Ito Diffusions with Applications to Finance
Advisor: Dr. Andrzej Korzeniowski

Katsuhiro Uechi, 2013
Thesis: Smooth Quantile Processes for Right Censored Data
Advisor: Dr. Shan Sun-Mitchell

Padmini Veerapan, 2013
Thesis: Point Modules over Regular Graded Clifford Algebras
Advisor: Dr. Michaela Vancliff
Position Obtained: 2013-Present, Tenure-track at Tennessee Technological University

Charles K Garrett, 2013
Thesis: Numerical Integration of Matrix Riccati Differential Equations with Solution Singularities
Advisor: Dr. Rencang Li


Alicia Prieto Langarica, 2012
Thesis: From Discrete to Continuous Models of Cell Movement: An Application to Medical Implants
Advisor: Dr. Hristo Kojouharov
Position Obtained: Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH

Lin Lin Chen, 2012
Thesis: On Primitivity and Dimension of Finite Semifields and Their Planes
Advisor: Dr. Minerva Cordero-Epperson

Caixia Chen, 2012
Thesis: A Study on the Two Component Periodic Shallow Water Systems
Advisor: Dr. Yue Liu

Jared Painter, 2012
Thesis: Resolutions and Tor Algebra Structures for Trivariate Monomial Ideals
Advisor: Dr. David Jorgensen

Angela Brown, 2012
Thesis: New Results in Finite Geometries Pertaining to Albert-like Seminfields
Advisor: Dr. Minerva Cordero-Epperson

Britnee Crawford, 2012
Thesis: Effects of Vector Migration on Sylvatic Trypanosoma Cruzi Transmission
Advisor: Dr. Christopher Kribs Zaleta
Position Obtained: Assistant Professor of Math at Dallas Baptist University

Yonghua Yan, 2012
Thesis: High Order LES for Supersonic Ramp Flow Control With MVG
Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu

Ping Lu, 2012
Thesis: High Order DNS for Late Flow Transition
Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu


Rim Gouia, 2011
Thesis: Some Problems of Integral Geometry in Advanced Imaging
Advisor: Dr. G. Ambartsoumian
Position Obtained: Assistant Professor of Mathematics at The American University of Sharjah, UAE

Kristen Beck, 2011
Thesis: On the Existence of Totally Reflexive Modules
Advisor: Dr. D. Jorgensen

James Thompson, 2011
Thesis: High Order Compact Scheme for Discontinuous Differential Equations
Advisor: Dr. C. Liu

Manizheh Nafari, 2011
Thesis: Regular Algebras Related to Regular Graded Skew Clifford Algebras of Low Global Dimension
Advisor: Dr. M. Vancliff
Position obtained: 2011-2012: Adjunct faculty at UTA 2012-2013: Adjunct faculty at University of Toledo 2013-2014: Adjunct faculty at DePaul University


Zhang, Jianchun: 2010
Thesis: Dissertation: Conditional Confidence Intervals of Process Capability Indices Following Rejection of Preliminary Tests
Advisor: Dr. C.-P. Han


Salako, Stephen Taiwo: 2009
Thesis: Optimal Control Approach to Image Registration
Advisor: Dr. G. Liao

Dawkins, Paul Christian: 2009
Thesis: Non-Traditional Socio-Mathematical Norms in Undergraduate Real Analysis
Advisor: Dr. J. Epperson

Ferim, Richard Nzagong: 2009
Thesis: Adaptive Nonparametric Distribution-Free Procedures in Factorial Data Analysis
Advisor: Dr. S. Sun-Mitchell

Perez Gonzalez, Humberto: 2009
Thesis: Analysis and Simulation in Neuron and Fibrosis Models
Advisor: Dr. J. Su

Hughes, Meri Trema: 2009
Thesis: The Uniqueness of Minimal Acyclic Complexes
Advisor: Dr. D. Jorgensen

Riley, Fransell: 2009
Thesis: Testing the Equality of Regression Coefficients and A Pooling Methodology from Multiple Samples when the Data is Multicollinear
Advisor: Dr. C.-P. Han

Dong, Nathan: 2009
Thesis: Logistic Regression with Misclassified Covariates Using Auxiliary Data
Advisor: Dr. D.L. Hawkins

Oprisan, Adina: 2009
Thesis: Large Deviation Principle For Functional Limit Theorems
Advisor: Dr. A. Korzeniowski

Pantong, Natee: 2009
Thesis: A Globally Convergent Numerical Method for Coefficient Inverse Problems
Advisor: Dr. J. Su

Akinlar, Mehmet Ali: 2009
Thesis: A New Method for Nonrigid Registration of 3D Images
Advisor: Dr. G. Liao

Oliveira, Maria Luisa Bambozzi: 2009
Thesis: High-Order Numerical Schemes for High-Speed Flows
Advisor: Dr. C. Liu


Saha, Snehanshu: 2008
Dissertation: A Study on the B Family of Shallow Water Wave Equations
Advisor: Dr. D. Liu

Mo, Min: 2008
Dissertation: Estimating Absolute Transcript Concentration for Microarrays using Langmuir Adsorption Theory
Advisor: Dr. D. L. Hawkins

Busse, Theresa: 2008
Dissertation: Generalized Inverse Scattering Transform for the Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation
Advisor: Dr. T. Aktosun

Martines, Ian: 2008
Dissertation: Mathematical analysis of allelopathy and resource competition models
Advisor: Dr. H. Kojouharov
Position Obtained: Assistant Professor, Mathematics Department, St. Mary's University, San Antonio, TX

Badiu, Florin Vasile: 2008
Dissertation: Study of Multiple Impacts of a Rigid Body with a Viscoelastic Surface
Advisor: Dr. Jianzhong Su

Stern, Paul Russell: 2008
Dissertation: On Progenitively Koszul Commutative Rings
Advisor: Dr. David Jorgensen

Xie, Peng: 2008
Dissertation: Uniform Weighted Compact/Non-Compact Schemes for Shock/Boundary Layer Interaction
Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu


Kirby, Roger Dale: 2007
Dissertation: Qualitative Behavior of Dynamical Vector Fields
Advisor: Dr. Gangaram Ladde


Cai, Jiangang: 2006
Dissertation: Large Eddy Simulation (LES) for Wingtip Vortex Around an Airfoil
Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu

Liu, Jie: 2006
Dissertation: New Developments of the Deformation Method
Advisor: Dr. Guojun Liao


Fleitas, Dionisio: 2005
Dissertation: The Least-Square Finite Element Method for Grid Deformation and Meshfree Applications
Advisor: Dr. Goujun Liao

Deng, Shutian: 2005
Dissertation: Direct Numerical Simulation for Flow Transition over a Flat Plate
Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu

Grantz, Cynthia: 2005
Dissertation: Asymptotics of the Diameter for Large Random Graphs
Advisor: Dr. Andrzej Korzeniowski

Dimitrov, Dobromir: 2005
Dissertation: Nonstandard Finite Difference Methods for Dynamical Systems with Applications in Mathematical Biology
Advisor: Dr. Hristo Kojouharov
Position Obtained: Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

Zhu, Xiaoping: 2005
Dissertation: Preliminary Test and Shrinkage Estimators for the mean of Bivariate Normal Distribution
Advisor: Dr. Chien-Pai Han


Kadjo, Hilaire: 2004
Dissertation: An Age Structured Population Model: Interactions Between Nutrients and Phytoplankton
Advisor: Dr. Hristo Kojouharov
Position Obtained: Systems Engineer, Network Centric Systems, ITAS, Raytheon Company, Plano, TX

Xue, Jiaxing: 2004
Dissertation: Moving Grids by the Deformation Method
Advisor: Dr. Guojun Liao

Morris, William: 2004
Dissertation: A Meshfree Adaptive Numerical Method
Advisor: Dr. Guojun Liao


Nguyen, Vinh; 2003
Dissertation: Regression Model with Explanatory Variable Subject to Asymmetric Measurement
Advisor: Dr. Doyle L. Hawkins, Jr.

Rowe, Nancy Ann; 2003
Dissertation: Inference in Hazard Models with Random Effects
Advisor: Dr. Doyle L. Hawkins, Jr.

Sohaee, Nassim; 2003
Dissertation: Upward Embedding of Digraphs on the Surfaces
Advisor: Dr. Irinel Dragan

Luo, Sheng; 2003
Dissertation: A Multigrid Method for 2-D MGD Flow Control Analysis
Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu


Tran, Bao-Loc Minh; 2002
Dissertation: Analysis on Fingering Problems in Fluids and Phase Transitions
Advisor: Dr. Jianzhong Su

Griffin, Byron Leslie; 2002
Dissertation: A Study of Stochastic Iterative Processes under Random Structural Perturbations
Advisor: Dr. Gangaram Ladde


Hua, Steven Ye; 2001
Dissertation: Multivariate Failure Time When Only The Time To First Failure Is Observed
Advisor: Dr. Doyle Hawkins

Smith, Sally Jane O'Neill; 2001
Dissertation: Prime And Radical Submodules Of Modules Over Commutative Rings
Advisor: Dr. Marion Moore


Choi, Jungmin; 2000
Dissertation: The Least Squares Method for Hyperbolic Problems
Advisor: Dr. Pavel Bochev

Chen, Shiang-Jiun; 2000
Dissertation: The Finite Element Method of Least Squares Type
Advisor: Dr. Pavel Bochev


Hand, Jeffrey; 1999
Dissertation: Minimization of Error Residuals in Photogrammetry Using the Chebechev Norm
Advisor: Dr. Jerome Eisenfeld

Yilmaz, Erol; 1999
Dissertation: Computations In Algebraic Geometry
Advisor: Dr. Tie Luo

Anderson, Patricia; 1999
Dissertation: Qualitative Features of Solutions of Perturbed Differential Equations
Advisor: Dr. Steve Bernfeld

Durmus, Soner; 1999
Dissertation: The Effects of the Use of Technology on College Algebra Students' Achievements and Attitudes towards Mathematics: A Constructivist Approach
Advisor: Dr. George Fix

Flint, Donna; 1999
Dissertation: Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations with Discontinuities
Advisor: Dr. Rangachary Kannan


De la Pena, Gary Lee Antonio; 1998
Dissertation: Adaptive Grid Generation
Advisor: Dr. Guojun Liao

Gutzler, Jay; 1998
Dissertation: On Stability Criterion for Numerical Solution of Stochastic Differential Equations
Advisor: Dr. Andrzej Korzeniowski

Anabtawi, Mahmoud; 1998
Dissertation: A Study of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
Advisor: Dr. Ganggaram Ladde


Potter, Andrew Jay; 1997
Dissertation: A Generalization of the Shapley Value for Games in Partition Function Form: Axioms, Formulas and Potential
Advisor: Dr. Irinel Dragan

Voshtina, Oltion; 1997
Dissertation: Solution Concepts for Some Generalized Cooperative Games
Advisor: Dr. Irinel Dragan


Bedivan, Dana Mihaela; 1996
Dissertation: Least-squares Methods for Optimal Shape Problems
Advisor: Dr. George Fix

Krueger, Carole King; 1996
Dissertation: Monotone Functions of Several Variables
Advisor: Dr. Rangachary Kannan

Korlie, Mark; 1996
Dissertation: Particle Modeling of Liquid Drop Formation on a Solid Surface in 3-D
Advisor: Dr. Donald Greenspan


Hsu, Chih Ping; 1995
Dissertation: Algorithms in Geometric Modeling
Advisor: Dr. George Fix

Kloser, Richard James; 1995
Dissertation: Statistical Models for the Frontiers of Radially-Expanding Objects
Advisor: Dr. Doyle Hawkins

Yang, Haw-Dai; 1995
Dissertation: Numerical Construction of Optimal Adaptive Grids in Two Spatial Dimensions
Advisor: Dr. Tsu-Fen Chen


Okonkwo, Zephyrinus; 1994
Dissertation: Control Problems in the Class of Linear Quadratic Systems
Advisor: Dr. Constantin Corduneanu

Lawrence, Bonita; 1994
Dissertation: Qualitative Properties of Systems of Stochastic Differential Equations
Advisor: Dr. Ganggaram Ladde

Bapi, Raju Surampudi; 1994
Dissertation: Neural Network Modeling of the Role of the Frontal Lobes in Sequence Classification
Advisor: Dr. Daniel Levine

Chung, Hie Choon; 1994
Dissertation: Discriminant Analysis with Patterned Incomplete Data
Advisor: Dr. Chien-Pai Han

Davamani, Jeyaraj; 1994
Dissertation: Convergence of Iterative Processes arising in the theory of Convex Sets and Convex Functions
Advisor: Dr. Rangachary Kannan


Kim, Jeongsook Lee; 1993
Dissertation: Estimation of Regression Coefficients and Influence Function in Multivariate Regression Models with Prior Estimation
Advisor: Dr. Chien-Pai Han

Rahimi, Amir Massoud; 1993
Dissertation: Some Results on Stable Range in Commutative Rings
Advisor: Dr. Marion Moore

Coleson, Jay; 1993
Dissertation: Existence Theorems for Two Semilinear Hyperbolic Equations
Advisor: Dr. Rangachary Kannan

Li, Yizeng; 1993
Dissertation: Global Existence and Stability of Functional Differential Equation with Abstract Volterra Type Operator
Advisor: Dr. Constantin Corduneanu


Shibberu, Yosi; 1992
Dissertation: Discrete-Time Hamiltonian Dynamics
Advisor: Dr. Donald Greenspan

Mahdavi, Mehran; 1992
Dissertation: Contribution to the Theory of Functional Differential Equations Involving Abstract Volterra Operators
Advisor: Dr. Constantin Corduneanu

Raganath, Shyla; 1992
Dissertation: Numerical Solution of the 2-D, Steady, Navier Stokes Equations using an Upwind Starter
Advisor: Dr. Donald Greenspan

Nagarajan, Narayanaswamy; 1992
Dissertation: Solution Concepts for Cooperative Games with Leading Coalitions
Advisor: Dr. Irinel Dragan

Shin, Jun Yong; 1992
Dissertation: Study of some Nonlinear Differential Equations arising in Elasticity
Advisor: Dr. Rangachary Kannan


Johnson, Ronald; 1991
Dissertation: Some Computational Differential Geometry Questions in Solid Modeling
Advisor: Dr. Rangachary Kannan

Wyatt, Bryant; 1991
Dissertation: Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Colliding Microdrops of Water
Advisor: Dr. Donald Greenspan


Ansari, Ali Asghar; 1990
Dissertation: Polynomial Controls and their Applications
Advisor: Dr. Constantin Corduneanu

Zouyousefain, Mohammad; 1990
Dissertation: Difference Equation of Volterra Type
Advisor: Dr. Constantin Corduneanu

Kelly, Theresa; 1990
Dissertation: Particle Modeling of an Elastic Arch in Three Dimensions
Advisor: Dr. Donald Greenspan