Graduate Teaching Assistant Support

In order to receive full consideration for Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA) support starting in Fall, applicants need to complete the Graduate School admission application by February 1 of that year. Admission application also serves as GTA application, which will continue to be reviewed until all positions are filled. To apply, please visit the UTA Admissions Office application website.

College of Science GTA Stipend

Title: Graduate Teaching Assistant I

  • Student has been unconditionally admitted to the graduate program and has completed fewer than 30 semester hours of graduate mathematics courses.
  • Service Required: 20 hours/week (Fall and Spring Semesters)
  • 9 Months Stipend = $19,250

Tuition Benefits

  • 100% of tuition covered


  1. Additional summer supports during June, July, August are also available. The stipend is $4,500 per summer for GTAs.
  2. The types of service rendered to the department include working in the computer lab, grading papers, assisting with calculus lab recitations, providing general classroom assistance, and teaching one or two classes.
  3. GTAs are required to take 9 hours of coursework per Fall and Spring Semesters.
  4. The stipends are scaled according to how far along a graduate student is in his/her program. Promotions to a higher level and pay raises will be made only at the beginning of a semester.

UTA Doctoral/Masters Degree Fellowships

Graduate Fellowships are being offered for the support of outstanding masters degree and doctoral students at The University of Texas at Arlington. For more information, visit the website: Graduate Financial Aid Resources

To request further information about the graduate programs at UT Arlington, please visit the Graduate Admissions Information Request website. To apply, please visit the UT Arlington's How to Apply website.

The Mathematics Graduate Catalog lists the Admissions Requirements for the different graduate programs in mathematics at UT Arlington. Information pertaining to Graduation Requirements and Procedures is available through the UTA Office of Records and Registration.

For inquiries about the Department of Mathematics, call or send an email to the Mathematics Graduate Program Advisors.