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Ahmed, Samanza

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Bio: ...

Alcaraz, Bibiana

Bio: Hi, my name is Bibiana. I was born and raised in Texas. I’m a math major and part of the UTeach program.

Arif, Ryan

Bio: ...

Asirvadam, Nicki

Bio: I'm a math major and I loooooooooove football! Go Giants!!!

Banskota, Suman

Bio: Hello, I’m Suman, your dedicated math tutor. I’m here to simplify math and boost your confidence. Let’s explore the world of numbers and fall in love with Math together.

Blake, Brayden

Bio: Hi! My name is Brayden and I am a junior trying to get my undergraduate degree in Pure Mathematics. I am also a very sad Dallas Cowboys fan and video game nerd.

Bonta, Daniel

Bio: ...

Brown, Kobe

Bio: Hi, I'm Kobe Brown. I'm double majoring in Math and French and I'm here to help!

Brown, Thomas (Austin)

Bio: ...

Chaulapalli, Malika

Bio: ...

Dake, Jared

Bio: Hi, my name is Jared. I am a math major, and minoring in computer in science. I enjoy helping others understand new problems. In my hobbies I like exploring potentially useful ideas for anyone pursuing their goals, and story writing.

Doupe, Aaron

Bio: Hello, I am a currently working towards a math and computer science major here at UTA. I enjoy rock climbing and powerlifting in my free time.

Gautam, Yatharth

Bio: Hi. My name is Yatharth.

Gulati, Aman

Bio: I am a senior majoring in computer science. As a math tutor working here at LRC, I thrive on unraveling the complexities of mathematics and sharing that enthusiasm as a dedicated math tutor.

Husain, Rabib

Bio: Hello!! I am a Computer Science major. I am here to help you learn.

Islas Terrazas, Maria

Bio: Hi! My name is Maria, I am an international student from Mexico. My major is Civil Engineering. On my free time I enjoy crocheting, working out, and hanging out with friends :)

Mendoza, Hugo

Bio: Hello, I am Hugo Mendoza and I am a Software Engineering major.

Menes, Michael

Bio: Hi I’m Michael, I’m a sophomore majoring in nursing and I’m happy to be your tutor this semester!

Nguyen, Preston

Bio: Helloo, I’m Preston and I’m a junior majoring in computer science. I like watching anime and playing the piano.

Pandey, Rachana

Bio: Hi there! I'm Rachana Pandey, a passionate Math tutor here at LRC and a college senior majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Business Administration. As a dedicated member of the honors college, I've cultivated a strong foundation in both academics and leadership. My love for mathematics extends beyond the classroom, and I thoroughly enjoy helping others grasp challenging concepts. When I'm not immersed in the world of code and equations, you'll find me exploring new destinations and cultures, combining my zest for learning with a love for travel. I'm excited to share my knowledge and make your learning journey a rewarding one!

Pavlik, Joseph

Bio: Hi, my name is Joseph. I am a junior majoring in Computer Science, and in any free time I manage to get I like to play volleyball, read fiction, or play video games.

Ravishankar, Aditya

Bio: Hey everybody! My name is Aditya, I go by Ady tho:) I am an international student from Mumbai, India. I am a Junior majoring in Civil Engineering. I play basketball and like to sleep in my free time lol. I'm easy to talk to, so don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions!

Wilson, Philip

Bio: I am a Senior Aerospace Engineering student who enjoys building rockets and computers.