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Ajmera, Somil

Bio: Hi. My name is Somil.

Akurathi, Harsha

Bio: Hello! I'm a junior in Aerospace Engineering and a Mechanical Engineering minor. I'm from India, moved here 5 years ago with my parents. I'm an adventurous person who likes to travel, play sports and watch movies/TV shows. I'm a certified scuba diver and recently did my first skydive.

Altaji, Tahani

Bio: I am Tahani Altaji, I moved to Texas in 2011. I am a Palestinian who was born, raised, and lived in Amman, Jordan. I am a PhD student in mathematics, and this is second semester for me . My hobbies are cooking and shopping.

Andres, Johnathan

Bio: Hi my name is Johnathan Andres and I am a senior Mathematics student. I love reading fantasy novel.

Anwer, Ayesha

Bio: Hi I'm Ayesha! I like powerpuff girls and weightlift when I'm not in school. I'm also a secret guinea pig whisperer.

Asirvadam, Nicki

Bio: I'm a math major and I loooooooooove football! Go Giants!!!

Blake, Brayden

Bio: Hi! My name is Brayden and I am a junior trying to get my undergraduate degree in Pure Mathematics. I am also a very sad Dallas Cowboys fan and video game nerd.

Brown, Kobe

Bio: Hi, I'm Kobe Brown. I'm double majoring in Math and French and I'm here to help!

Dake, Jared

Bio: Hi, my name is Jared. I am a math major, and minoring in computer in science. I enjoy helping others understand new problems. In my hobbies I like exploring potentially useful ideas for anyone pursuing their goals, and story writing.

Doupe, Aaron

Bio: Hello, I am a currently working towards a math and computer science major here at UTA. I enjoy rock climbing and powerlifting in my free time.

Eads, Christopher

Bio: I'm a PhD student in Mathematics. I got my MS in Statistics, and my BA in Music. I also worked as a chef for several years, and more recently have worked in software. In my free time, I enjoy tabletop / board games, hiking, and live music. I am also the proud parent of two cat-children.

Enciso Alva, Julio Cesar

Bio: Hello there! We are all beginners at some point, but after practice everything makes sense.

Gautam, Yatharth

Bio: Hi. My name is Yatharth.

Gulati, Aman

Bio: Hi Guys! I am a Computer Science majors who enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and helping them to solve problems. I enjoy learning new things everyday and imply it in my life. Besides this, I am a very jolly person to hang around.

Ismail, Ghazia

Bio: Hello! I am currently earning a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics-Actuarial track, with a minor in business.

Jadhav, Varun

Bio: Sophomore studying Mathematics and Computer Science. Avid cricket and basketball fan!

Kaluse, Manasi

Bio: Howdy folks! I’m a junior majoring in civil engineering who can talk non stop about anime and loves cats. I’m also passionate about roller skating and enjoy working as a math tutor with the LRC.

Kamal, Md Ahnaf Tajwar

Bio: I am a computer science student. However, I also want to be an investor in future.

Khan, Md Mohotasim

Bio: An extroverted nerd in the service of showing why Math can be fun.

Khan, Tasneem

Bio: Biomedical Engineer in the making, highly tolerable in general, and a math enthusiast :)

Ma, Chenxi

Bio: Hi. My name is Chenxi.

Mendoza, Hugo

Bio: Hello, I am Hugo Mendoza and I am a Software Engineering major.

Menes, Michael

Bio: Michael Menes is a leader a positive force within his community; willing to do any and all for his companions to succeed, Michael Menes is glad and proud to be on the Math LRC team.

Nguyen, Preston

Bio: Hello, I am Preston. I am a junior majoring in computer science. I like watching anime.

Nguyen, Tyler

Bio: Hello my name is Tyler. I am a second year undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science.

Poudel, Island

Bio: Hi, my name is Ishan and I am a Computer Science major with a Math minor. I enjoy playing the guitar in my free time.

Rana, Nischal (Nick)

Bio: I am a Computer Science Junior and a student that really enjoys Mathematics. I have completed classes till Calculus III as part of my curriculum. I am originally from Nepal and it is a country that pushes students a lot in STEM so I come from a very good background of Mathematics.

Ravishankar, Aditya

Bio: Hey everybody! My name is Aditya, I go by Ady tho:) I am an international student from Mumbai, India. I am a Junior majoring in Civil Engineering. I play basketball and like to sleep in my free time lol. I'm easy to talk to, so don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions!

Safat, Saniah

Bio: Hello! I am Saniah. I am from Bangladesh and majoring in Computer Science. I made it till the junior year now! Since I love helping people out with maths, you would find me a lot in the clinic, see you there!

Salabit, Samuel

Bio: Hi! I am Sam. I am a first year undeclared student. I like reading and watching shows. And sleeping. I hope I could help you this semester. :))

Shrestha, Sweyaksha

Bio: Hello, everyone. My name is Swekshya and I am from Nepal. I am a graduate student pursuing my Masters in Computer Science. I love to read novels, watch movies, listen to music during my free time.

Staruch, Lauren

Bio: Hi I’m Lauren. I’m a sophomore Math major with a Data Science minor. For fun, I like to play crossword puzzles and work out!

Thakali, Sabita

Bio: Hi everyone, my name is Sabita Thakali. I am from Nepal currently in sophomore year pursuing Bachelors of science in Nursing. My hobbies are singing and travelling.

Tran, Thomas

Bio: Hello, my name is Thomas Tran I am a math major with a minor in data science. I play the piano and I enjoy rock climbing.

Wilson, Philip

Bio: I am a Sophomore Aerospace Engineering student who enjoys building rockets and computers.