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Math LRC Tutors

During each scheduled class period, we strive to have one undergraduate tutor for approximately every 20 students. These tutors are skilled in mathematics and assured in their abilities to help you. There is also one mathematics graduate student present in each class as an additional resource.

If you would like to be considered for a Math LRC Tutor position in an upcoming semester, please download, complete, and submit an LRC Tutor Application. For best results, use the Save & Submit button at the end of the application to save a local copy with your name in the filename and automatically email the completed application to us.

Please note we have filled all available positions for the current semester, but you are still welcome to apply. We will keep your application on file for consideration in future semesters.

Feel free to look over our tutor bio's to get to know them better:

Amina Agbonoga

Tahani Altaji
Bio: My name is Tahani Altaji, my major is math, which actually is my favorite subject maybe that's why I like to a tutor in math LRC :) I moved to Texas in 2011 from my birth country of Amman, Jordan. I'm a junior now, so my graduation will be in fall 2020 if everything goes well:)  I hope.

Damilola Arowsafe
Bio: My name is Dami and I am Nigerian. I am a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Mathematics. I enjoy music, sports (especially soccer and basketball) and I love Math. I am willing and happy to help you whenever I can!

Abhi Bhakta
Bio: Hello my name is Abhi Bhakta, I am a junior in Electrical Engineering. I am a transfer student from Amarillo, TX. I love to share my knowledge with others. I'm currently a specialized tutor for Pre-Calculus.

Keren Bonzele
Bio: My name is Keren Bonzele. I am an international student from Congo. I am a senior student majoring in Economics. I plan to graduate by May 2020, and continue with my Master degree.I like helping people with their education. I look forward to seeing you.

Cole Bruhn

Vipul Chalotra

Atharva Dange
Bio: Hi! I'm A.D. and I am a physics and math junior here at UT Arlington. I love reading books, playing chess and learning new things. I hope you have a wonderful semester and fun learning math!

Kouame Djah

Rahul Dwivedi

Moise Dzogolo

Rodina El Adawy
Bio: Hello Everyone, My name is Rodina. I had a Master Degree from Egypt in Econometrics (Applied Statistics), and now I am Ph.D., a student in statistics at UT. I've lived in the states since 2015. I like statistics and analyzing any data set. In my free time, I love traveling, especially visiting new countries and see a new culture, watch movies, biking and workout.

Sahaar Faruquee
Bio: I love Math. I am a Senior majoring in Electrical Engineering with a Math minor. My specialties include: Contemporary Math and Algebra, Trigonometry and PreCalculus, and Calculus.

Jenna French
Bio: My name is Jenna and I am a tutor in the Math Lab as well as a Specialized Tutor for 1302 this semester! I am an incoming freshman, and a math major with focus in actuarial science. I love math, so if you see me in the lab and have any questions regarding college algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus, or early calculus, pull me aside and I’ll be happy to help! Fun facts: I’m obsessed with the color Pink and anything Disney related, and I love dogs and cats!

Sumrat Gurung

Ummey Haque

Rakib Hossain
Bio: Hello everyone, My name is Rakib and I am currently working toward my bachelors in software engineering and minor in Mathematics. Computer and mathematics fascinate me all the time. I believe learning is an opportunity and anyone can learn anything as we have numerous learning resources where everyone has access to it. The University of Texas at Arlington has huge learning resources where students can learn anything just by joining those learning resources. I believe by heart motivation has a huge impact to enrich our mind. "I haven't failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."- that's my motivation from Sir Thomas Addison. In terms of teaching and learning, I am open to everyone indeed.

Toluwani Ijaseun
Bio: My name is Toluwani, but you can call me Tolu. I like listening to music so feel free to give me recommendations. I also love photography and watching TV. If you need tutoring, I'm always happy to help with whatever you need.

Lucas Ivy O'Donnell
Bio: I am a freshman currently working on a degree in Chemistry with a pre-medical focus. If all goes well I intend on this leading to a career as a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. I am originally from New Orleans, LA so one of my interests is cooking and beyond that I enjoy sports, movies, and video games.

Archit Jaiswal
Bio: I completed my high school in India. With a keen desire to make career in research, I decided to complete further education in United States. I am pursuing undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering and Physics. I enjoy solving problems which require critical thinking and puzzle solving techniques. Besides this, I am a tennis player and my hobbies are painting and cooking.

Koosha Jamali

Jiashan Ji

Adjo Kadjo

Prissha Krishna Moorthy
Bio: I am a junior in Biomedical engineering and minoring in computer science. I came to Texas 4 years ago from Malaysia where it's known for it's delicious food. That's why, I enjoy trying different kinds of food and learning about other cultures.

Rebecca Lietz
Bio: Hi, my name is Rebecca and I study psychology with a minor in computer science. I’m an international student from Germany and I’ve lived in the US for 4 years. I really like it, but sometimes I miss the cold, depressing German weather because it gives me an excuse to stay inside and cuddle up with tea and a book.

David Lokwa

J Lowe
Bio: My name is J Lowe. I am a PHD student studying math education. My math interests include complex analysis and abstract algebra. My hobbies include writing, telling stories, and playing games.

Lei Mashimo
Bio: I’m an undergraduate electrical engineering student with a minor in math. I like listening to music, going to cafes, and helping people understand math.

Aamir Mazumdar
Bio: Hi! I’m Aamir Mazumdar, a junior in computer engineering! I love writing, reading, calligraphy, and everything and anything Lord of the Rings! I’m excited to be apart of the LRC team and looking forward to being meet you, the students!

Andrew Nguyen
Bio: Hello! I’m Andrew, an undergrad sophomore studying mathematics and chemistry. I play the piano, sing, and transcribe music for fun.

Mahad Noor
Bio: Hi my name is Mahad Noor. I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering. I have lived in a few countries. I was born and raised in Pakistan. However, I have lived in Canada and Kuwait as well. I was a tutor in high school as well. I enjoy tutoring and helping people succeed.

Ola Ojeyinka
Bio: I am a fourth year Electrical Engineering student at UTA. I was born and mostly raised in Nigeria, West Africa. I enjoy working on mathematics and I plan on getting a second major in Mathematics. I have an outgoing personality and I really like teaching maths. I look forward to helping you!

Erol Ozkan

Lakshitta Sethi
Bio: I am a junior majoring in Information Systems with Mathematics as my minor. I have mentored high school students for a year in the past. I am very excited to be a Math tutor as I love Math in every way. I love to read in my free time and travel when I am not working. I like to learn new things every now and then like an instrument or a foreign language.

Vrunda Shah

Sanskruti Sharma
Bio: Hi, my name is Sanskruti and I am from India. I am a junior studying physics and math. I love math and teaching. The combination of math and teaching helps me learn new things everyday! Math is fun and I hope I can make it interesting for students as well.

Addison Silva
Bio: I'm a Math major in the UTeach Program and I'm also studying to get minors in Spanish and Linguistics. I'm Texas-born but my dream is to teach overseas after I graduate.

Akanksha Singh
Bio: I am Akanksha Singh majoring in Aerospace Engineering. I am from India, land of colors and cultures. My favorite pastime are doodling and reading magazines. I love to dance and cook. Physics and mathematics have always been my favorite subjects.

Ankura Sitaula
Bio: Hello! My name is Ankura. I am an undergraduate majoring in Biology. Besides Biology, I also love maths and problem-solving. I am obsessed with playing video games like call of duty and CS Go. I look forward to helping you in the lab.

Mohit Tamang
Bio: Hello, my name is Mohit. I am a junior at UTA studying CS and have taken most of the calculus courses at UTA. I also have experience with algebra, trigonometry and discrete maths . Hope to see, talk and hopefully help you at Math LRC clinic or lab inside Pickard Hall. Peace.

Israel Tshitenge
Bio: I am from DR of the Congo. My major is software engineering. I got an Associate’s Degree in Science from Brookhaven College. I am very passionate about technology and discovering new things. Motivation and hard work are the reasons why I never give up. Solving problems and sharing my knowledge with others, especially in Math have always been part of my life.

Chirag Waghela

Nebil Weber