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Ph.D. Examinations

Ph.D. Preliminary Examinations

Students entering the Ph.D. program must pass the following written and/or oral examinations:

  • A two-hour Ph.D. Preliminary Examination on material similar to that in Math 5307. (Prelim A-AN)
  • A two-hour Ph.D. Preliminary Examination on material similar to that in Math 5333. (Prelim A-LA)
  • A two-hour Ph.D. Preliminary Examination on material similar to that in either (1) Math 5317/5321, or (2) Math 5331, or (3) Math 5312 & Math 5313, or (4) Math 5339. (Prelim B)

Students are expected to pass Prelim A-AN and Prelim A-LA within the first year to maintain their GTA stipend. Students are expected to pass Prelim B within the first three long semesters to maintain their GTA stipend. The student's subject choice for Prelim B must be approved by the graduate advisor or the student's Ph.D. advisor prior to passing Prelim B. All of the Ph.D. Preliminary Examinations are offered twice a year in January and August.

List of Prelim Dates for August 2020

  • Tuesday, August 18, 2020, 10:00 am - 12:00 noon
    Prelim A: Linear Algebra
  • Thursday, August 20, 2020, 10:00 am - 12:00 noon
    Prelim A: Mathematical Analysis
  • Friday, August 21, 2020, 10:00 am - 12:00 noon
    Prelim B

Unless informed otherwise, the room will be PKH 110.

Requests for disability accommodations should be submitted informally to the Chair of the Graduate Affairs Committee. Documentation authorizing said disability will be required from the Office of Disabilities.

Ph.D. Comprehensive Examination

Students must pass a Ph.D. Comprehensive Examination. The content and format (oral/written) of this examination will be at the choosing and under the sole direction of the student's Ph.D. Dissertation Committee, but it should be after the completion of a majority of the core requirements. For an oral presentation by the student before the comprehensive examination committee, the student will prepare and make a brief presentation of a research proposal or a report based on a research paper related to his or her dissertation area.

The presentation will be followed by questioning from the committee members. Questions will likely focus on, but not be restricted to, one or more components of the following:

  • the presentation (i.e., the research proposal or report)
  • the specialized field of the proposed dissertation area
  • current research periodicals/monographs related to the presentation
  • general core courses of the Ph.D. curriculum

Written presentation/examinations are similar in coverage except that they are conducted in written form.

A student will be allowed to take the Comprehensive Examination a maximum of two times, but a repeat must be done no later than the following long semester.

GRANDFATHERING: Those Ph.D. students who entered the program prior to Spring 2007 may choose between the format described here and the old format.

Ph.D. Dissertation Examination

Students in every degree plan must pass a final Ph.D. oral examination based on his or her doctoral dissertation.

For inquiries about the Ph.D. Program in Mathematics, send an email to the Mathematics Graduate Program Advisors.