Our Mission


The University of Texas at Arlington is a comprehensive teaching, research, and public service institution dedicated to the advancement of knowledge through scholarship and creative work.

The University is committed to providing access and ensuring student success, and to a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, and commercialization of discoveries by our community of scholars.

The University promotes lifelong learning through its academic, continuing education, and experiential learning programs. The faculty, staff, and student community shares diverse cultural values that foster inclusivity and cultivate mutual respect.


The University of Texas at Arlington is a pre-eminent urban public research university that inspires bold solutions with global impact through creative scholarship, transformative access, and collaborative learning.


Access and Success
Provide a supportive environment where students can flourish as scholars and citizens. Expand access to academic offerings, scholarship opportunities, and other vital resources that prepare students to succeed and graduate.

Opportunity and Excellence
Pursue the highest standards of excellence throughout every facet of the University. Provide all qualified students with opportunities to reap the benefits of the tremendous knowledge that exists at UTA.

Inclusiveness and Diversity
Foster an inclusive environment that supports a diverse community of faculty, staff, and students. Encourage the exploration and discovery of the unfamiliar and promote the understanding of all viewpoints.

Mavericks and Innovators
Ensure a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity that strengthens our Maverick nature. Cultivate an atmosphere that rewards curiosity and challenges conventional thought.

Collegiality and Collaboration
Encourage a spirit of collegiality and camaraderie among all members of the UTA community. Champion partnerships and collaborative efforts that increase the University’s impact on society.

Vital Support

UTA makes a lot of things possible. We connect students with their careers. We empower our faculty to pursue their interests. And we supply the world with fresh ideas and determined talent. What makes all of those things possible is our strong central organization that operates with efficiency, clarity, and integrity.