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Psychology - Bachelor's (BS, BA)

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The Bachelor of Arts degree is for those students who wish to obtain a broad liberal arts education with a concentration in psychology. The Bachelor of Science degree is intended for those students who are preparing for work and study in fields that require more math and sciences. The psychology program is designed to provide students up-to-date knowledge, analytical skills, research skills, and writing and presentation skills that will be useful for those who are seeking a job after their bachelor's degree and for those who wish to continue on to a graduate program.


The undergrad program is designed to provide students up-to-date knowledge, analytical skills, writing and presentation skills, and research skills that will be useful both for those who will be seeking jobs with an undergraduate degree and those seeking to go on to professional or graduate schools. You will have the opportunity to be involved in one of our many research labs. Here is a link to read more about the different areas of research we have going on in our department: https://www.uta.edu/psychology/research/index.php. Psychology is both an applied and academic field that benefits both individuals and society as a whole. A degree in psychology provides training in a number of skills that can be applied to many occupations ranging from administration, advertising, human resources, public relations, and sales. To obtain either a BA or BS in psychology you have to complete 120 hours, 33 hours in your major coursework for a BA and 36 hours in your major for a BS.

We offer an internship opportunity for students their senior year where they gain hands-on experience in the field. We require a 2.25 overall and psychology GPA to stay in the program.



  • Advertising Agent
  • Business and Law - Forensic Science Technician
  • Business and Law - Probation/ Parole Officer
  • Business - Coach
  • Business - Consultant
  • Business - Organizational Development
  • Career Counselor
  • Education - HS Science Teach
  • Education - School Counselor
  • Government - Researcher
  • Health Care - Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Health Care - Research Scientist
  • Health Care - Lab Assistant
  • Health Care - Medical Scientist
  • Market Researcher
  • Nonprofit - Community Health Care Worker
  • Nonprofit - Research Foundation Scientist
  • Sales Representative
  • Social Services - Case Manager
  • Social Services - Child Care Worker
  • Writing and Publishing - Scientific Journals


Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology

The BS degree in psychology is intended for those students preparing for work and study in fields requiring more mathematics and sciences. It is also suitable for pre-medical and pre-dental students.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology

The BA degree in psychology is for those who wish to obtain a broad liberal arts education with a concentration in psychology.


  • Our scientifically-oriented program provides students with a thorough learning experience.
  • Our cutting-edge research labs provide many opportunities for students to become involved in ground-breaking work while learning from nationally recognized faculty.
  • Our curriculum is designed to provide a discipline-focused education, enhancing student career and graduate school options.
  • Our internship experience course provides hands-on applied opportunities in the student's field of interest.


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Marta Galvan
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Abigail Horsley
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Betsy Parchem
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Marta: 817-272-5129
Abigail: 817-272-3617
Betsy: 817-272-0858

Marta: mgalvan@uta.edu
Abigail: abigail.horsley@uta.edu
Betsy: parchem@uta.edu

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Psychology - Bachelor's (BS, BA)

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