Warren Jones

UTA Mavericks who choose to pursue College of Education degrees, certifications, or certificates are a diverse group of students. These are their stories.

Warren JonesWhich program are you enrolled in?

I am currently enrolled in the M.Ed. in Instructional and Learning Design Technology program, and my projected graduation date is December 2024.

Where do you currently work?

I am currently an Instructional Coach for Texans Can Academy. Texans Can Academy is a charter school that serves students who have struggled with traditional high school.

There are many options for graduate school. Why did you choose UTA’s Instructional and Learning Design Technology program?

The ILDT program was exactly what I was looking for to expand my education. For several years, I contemplated starting grad school, but I didn't see any programs that focused on the integration of technology in education. After reviewing the course curriculum and talking to Dr. Kellam I knew this was the perfect program for me. I choose UTA because I wanted to attend a local college. The coursework is mainly online, but because I live locally, there is a huge opportunity for networking with professors, alumni, and students. UTA also has established partnerships with local school districts which I think could be beneficial to my career.

What is your summer 2023 capstone?

The summer capstone project allowed me and a couple of ILDT students to work alongside Social Work graduate students at UTA to create and revamp Interpersonal Violence Education courses for experiential learning. These activities aim to raise awareness, increase survivor empathy, improve bystander efficacy, and develop professional skills that lead to trauma-informed practices and safer outcomes for those impacted by interpersonal violence. The Social Work graduate students served as the Subject Matter Experts while ILDT students worked as Instructional designers. This provided a real-world opportunity to collaborate and see the importance of the relationship between the SME and ID.

What is your ultimate hope for how the ILDT program will help you advance in your career?

I feel like this program is helping me professionally. The courses I took in the Spring of '23 and the hands-on experience I received this summer have expanded my educator tool belt. I have been able to deep dive into adult learning theories as well as learn and explore the critical components of delivering practical lessons embedded with technology.

My ultimate hope is that the program will equip me with the necessary tools for the future of education. Due to the COVID pandemic, digital learning has become the norm, leading to significant changes in the way students receive information. I believe that educators need to have a strong understanding of both pedagogy and technology integration to effectively serve their students. I aspire to join the ranks of educators who are at the forefront of integrating technology into primary and secondary school curriculums, ushering in a new era of learning.

Looking back at past courses, do any favorites stand out? Are there any takeaways that come to mind?

Looking back both classes from Spring semester 5302 and 5370 stand out. These courses exposed me to tools and resources that I was able to immediately apply in my own classroom.