BS Biological Chemistry

Meet Kayla

chem tutor

What inspired you to choose chemistry as your major?

I really enjoyed my high school chemistry class, so I wanted to pursue a degree in a major that I know I could enjoy. Also, there are various applications for chemistry in many different fields of work, and I really liked that versatile aspect of it.

What was your favorite chemistry class and why?

My favorite chemistry class was Metabolism and Regulation with Dr. Mandal. It was really interesting learning about the different metabolic pathways, their regulations, and their impacts on physiological functions alongside the various clinical correlations/possible therapies.

What do you see as your ideal long-term career?

I see myself being a medical lab scientist working in a diagnostics lab.

Have you been involved in research? If yes, which professor(s) lab?

No, I have not been involved in research. However, I was in the ACT program under the coordination of Dr. Foss and Dr. Schug for two years. 

What was the most impactful experience you had as a student while at UTA?

The most impactful experience that I had as a student while at UTA would definitely be joining my sorority, alpha Kappa Delta Phi. Being a part of aKDPhi has really helped me build my confidence, network, time management skills, and professionalism. I met a lot of wonderful women whom I can proudly call my sisters. Without them, I would not have the support system that I do, and my college experience would not have been the same. 

What advice would you give to your younger self about college?
Don't be too hard on yourself about grades because they don't define you. Be brave and don't be afraid to talk to people and ask for help when you need it. Also, if you want to do something, go for it!
What is one thing that people who know you might be surprised to learn?

I like to collect reusable Starbucks cold cups.