Concurrent Enrollment

Cooperative Programs Between University of Texas System Components

A student concurrently enrolling at two or more University of Texas System components (UT Arlington, UT Dallas, or UT Southwestern) may register and pay tuition, fees, and charges for all courses through the student's host institution. Detailed procedures may be obtained from the registrar of the student's home institution. The concurrent enrollment agreement and waiver of specified fees and charges applies only to students following the concurrent enrollment procedures specified by the registrar of the home institution.

The charges for the following will be assessed and collected at the home institution for the other institution(s):

  • Tuition at an appropriate rate
  • Applicable laboratory fees and special course charges
  • Designated tuition at the appropriate rate
  • Any other fees and charges that are required at the host institution that are not charged at the home institution

Student services at the second institution will be made available to concurrently enrolled students paying the appropriate student service fees at the second institution.

Some institutions have a reciprocal agreement for honoring parking permits. Details may be obtained from the police departments on each campus.

Concurrently enrolled students should report any problems concerning registration, payment of tuition, fees, and charges or other matters related to concurrent enrollment procedures to the registrar of the home institution.

Concurrent students wishing to add or drop courses must do so in compliance with the host institution's policy.

  • On or before the host institution's Census Date, adds or drops may be done through the home institution's registrar.
  • After the Census Date, drops must be done at the host institution.

(Revised 12/01/2005)

Concurrent Enrollment Instructions

Anyone wishing to attend either UT Arlington, UT Dallas and UT Southwestern must complete a Concurrent Enrollment Form. It is not necessary for you to make application at both schools. The academic advisor's and student's signatures must be on the Concurrent Enrollment Program form prior to remitting the form to the Office of the Registrar. In addition, if you are an International student, an advisor in the UTA International Office must also sign the form prior to its remittance.

Students must take at least 1 credit hour at BOTH institutions to be eligible to participate in the concurrent enrollment program. Thesis students must take at least one credit hour at UT Arlington in their final semester. Non-thesis students should contact the Office of Graduate Studies regarding final term enrollment.

Please be aware of the dates for submitting your Concurrent Enrollment form. The form must be received by the Office of the Registrar no later than two weeks prior to the first class day of the semester you wish to attend. You must also register for classes at UT Arlington and have fees paid by the payment deadline for the semester. To register for classes at UT Arlington, go to MyMav.

Class adds and drops must be made at your home institution. If you drop a class after the Census Date where the class is being taught, you are responsible for the entire amount of your fees. Please notify the UT Arlington Office of the Registrar when you drop a class at either your host or home institution.

All students withdrawing from a semester for any reason on or after the first official University class day are financially responsible for their pro-rata share of tuition, fees and charges. Section 54.006 of the Texas Education Code dictates the refund and collection percentages that apply to withdrawing students.

Parking fees, library access fees and student computer usage fees are each assessed as part of your concurrent enrollment. Therefore, it is important for you to return concurrent enrollment forms no later than two weeks prior to the first class day.

All international students and permanent residents are required to provide proof of official TB tests before concurrent enrollment can be completed. Concurrently enrolled international students must be carrying a combined, full-time equivalent course load between their home campus and the host campus to maintain I-20 eligibility status.

If you are not in the Biomedical Engineering (BE) program, you will receive transfer credit for the courses taken at UT Dallas and UT Southwestern Medical Center. Only students that have declared Biomedical Engineering as their major will receive a letter grade.

Registration for distance, web based and University of Texas Online Consortium classes (formerly, Telecampus) cannot be done using concurrent enrollment. Distance education and web based class information is listed on the Center for Distance Education website. The University of Texas Online Consortium classes must use the Registration Request Form to register.