Graduation FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Commencement Conferral
The official ceremony in which you and your guests celebrate your achievement along with faculty and staff The time in which the University has designated grades official at the end of the regular academic term (16 weeks for fall/spring and 14 weeks for summer)
This is NOT graduation Accelerated Online students follow regular academic term processing. You have not graduated upon the completion of your last course
Questions? E-mail your Commencement liaison This IS graduation
Questions about the graduation box? Contact Student Affairs
Upon successful submission of your application, you will receive a “Submitted” message. You can also check the status of your application in your MyMav here. An e-mail notification will be sent to your student e-mail during the application term.

Fees are not posted immediately after submission. Fees typically post 10-15 business days after submission OR when your application status has been updated to “Program In Review”. All fees will be posted to your MyMav account. Click the blue hyperlink that says “Make a Payment” to access the payment portal. Please note that e-mail notifications regarding fees are not sent to the student. Students are encouraged to check their MyMav account for updates. 

The University provides directions to view your Student Account Summary and make a payment.

  1. Login to MyMav
  2. Select the “Academic Progress” tile
  3. Select “Apply for Graduation”. Please ensure that the information regarding the degree is correct prior to applying.
  • Undergraduates—dual majors and dual degrees are submitted under one application for one application fee
  • Graduates—dual majors must submit an application for each program and will assess two fees

Application updates are running continuously during the term. It could be that you are currently enrolled in the course, waiting for grade changes, incompletes, transfer credits, missing Milestones, subs/waivers, etc., to meet the satisfied requirement on your Maverick Report in My Mav. Continue to monitor your account for updates. We encourage students to run their MAP (Maverick Academic Progress Report). 

Any item that is deemed “Not Satisfied” can be discussed with your advisor.

Graduate students who are active in more than one program must be manually reviewed to update graduation status at time of conferral.

Please be aware that some of these changes may not reflect until after grades have been designated official by the office of the registrar. If your advisor has made changes/updates to your MAP, please allow us time to process.

Our office does not award based on the Academic Summary.

Undergraduate Students

Students must submit official transcripts from the institution. Please check the Graduation Deadlines page to ensure that transfer coursework is submitted by the deadline. Transfer coursework that is not submitted in a timely manner may have the application denied. 


Master Students

Students must obtain approval from their graduate advisor, prior to submitting the Transfer of Graduate Credit form to Graduation Team for processing. Students must have an official transcript from the institution on file with UT Arlington. Equivalent coursework completed at other institutions of recognized standing may be transferred to a master's degree program after evaluation and approval. Transferred courses do not appear on the UT Arlington Official Transcript and grades earned in transferred courses are not included in calculating a student's UT Arlington graduate grade-point average. Additional information and form can be found here.

If degrees have not been conferred for the current term, the student may be eligible to apply. You will need to contact your academic advisor to request a “Graduation Deadline Exception

  1. Apply for the current term available in MyMav
  2. Contact your academic department to request a “Late Graduation Exception” form
  3. If approved, your application will be moved manually by GradTeam and late fees applied ($40 app fee + $60 late app fee=$100)

A student has NOT graduated upon the completion of their last course. A student will have a status of “Awarded” once they have graduated.  Please refer to table on 1st page. 

Tracking information will be sent to the student’s UTA e-mail from the vendor 6-8 weeks after the completion of conferral. 

Diploma delays can be due to some of the following:

  • If a student had a negative indicator at the time of conferral, the student needs to review holds prior to awarding.

  • Holds that do not affect diploma delivery:

  • OPT

  • Academic Advising/ Registration Agreement

  • Pre-Health Professions

  • GRAD Assistantship

  • Holds that do affect diploma delivery:

  • If a student had an unpaid balance at the time of conferral, the student needs to pay the balance and then contact the Graduation Team to let them know the balance is paid in full along with an updated mailing address

  • If the student changed addresses at the time of conferral, the student will need to contact the Graduation Team to let them know of the address change. Upon return of the diploma to our office, the student will be contacted with further instructions for delivery

  • If the student did not apply for graduation for the intended term, the student will need to contact their Academic Department. The diploma will not be back dated, instead, will be processed during the current conferral term. 

  • If a student’s degree requirements were not met, the student needs to run their MAP (see “Pending” section). Although a department may have a degree plan, our office confers once a student’s MAP is deemed “Satisfied”. Please consult your Academic Advisor for further assistance.

Due to COVID-19, Graduation Verifications are being emailed to student’s UTA email

  1. Students have applied for the current term that is being processed.
  2. It is after the census date for the term.
  3. Application status reads “Approved” in your MyMav portal

If all of the above requirements are met. You may then request a Graduation Verification letter. 


Diploma names are pulled from your RSVP Commencement form. If you misspell your name and diplomas have been sent to the vendor, you will be responsible for fees associated with a reprint with the corrected name. All changes are timestamped. 

  • Please contact GradTeam with the correct spelling and then you may reorder a Duplicate Diploma

To update your official primary name listed in MyMav, you will need to submit your request via student record changes. Any additional information about your official primary name will need to be directed to

Diplomas are shipped to the MAILING address that is listed on Graduation Application


Diplomas will be mailed 6-8 weeks after the completion of conferral. Students should continue monitoring their UTA e-mail as that is where both graduation communication and your diploma tracking information will be sent.

Electronic versions are not available, nor can delivery be expedited.

All questions related to commencement should be directed to your Commencement liaison. You can also visit the Commencement page for FAQs. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact your Academic Department.

Name not listed could be do to the following two reasons:

  • FERPA settings were not adjusted to release name. However, you can contact GradTeam and we can add it to the online version, but a hard copy reprint is not available

  • Student submitted a late graduation application