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Student Services

Student Record Changes

General Guidelines

ALL documents must be in English

Handwritten signatures are required for ALL requests and MUST be separate from your submitted documents. Electronic signatures will not be accepted

A government issued photo ID/UTA ID is required for ALL requests. High school or employer ID’s will not be honored

Requests WILL NO LONGER be accepted via fax, postal mail, or e-mail

Social Security cards MUST BE SIGNED at time of submission

University policy is to maintain education records under the students’ full legal name. For international students, the name that appears on the passport, U.S. immigration documentation, Form I-20, etc. will remain unchanged

Current students can make the following changes through their MyMav: address, e-mail, and phone in many cases

Former students/Alumni should enter “0” if you are no longer familiar with your 10-digit ID

        ***Please upload your documents in .DOC, .PDF, or .JPG format.***

Note: While the Office of Records will amend a record upon presentation of appropriate documentation, a cross-reference of the change will be created to preserve the historical record, but due to the sensitive nature of the requests, it will be partitioned within the student record and access to this partition will be restricted.


***Please review the specific requirements below regarding change requests***



  • Students that have a “Bad Address” hold will need to submit a U.S. address in order for the hold to be removed
  • MachForm

Anticipated Graduation Date

Date of Birth

Driver’s License

  • Driver's licenses cannot be expired upon request
  • MachForm





  • If the student’s name has been changed on their photo ID, only one of the following supporting documentation is required
  • If the student’s name has not been changed on their photo ID, two forms of supporting documentation is required
  • Types of supporting documentation includes:
    • Birth certificate (original or notarized)
    • Passport/Visa
    • Original Social Security card
    • Marriage Certificate
    • U.S. Immigration Documentation
  • MachForm

Graduation Candidates

Diploma—Name change requests must be submitted by May 10, 2019 for Spring 2019 diplomas. Requests submitted after this date will result in applicable fees for a diploma reorder.


Social Security Number

  • If a student does not have access to a Social Security card, a government issued Tax ID Number (TIN) can be used in its place. The official document must be submitted
  • A signed W-9S form can be used in place of a handwritten signature
  • MachForm