Finish@UT Student Success Program


The University of Texas System Online Consortium (UTOC) is now the Finish@UT Student Success Program. Finish@UT Student Success Program (Finish@UT SSP) will provide a web presence to identify online courses open for registration by students enrolled at any UT institution; promote collaborative online degree programs offered by University of Texas institutions, as well as support students in the registration process for these courses and degree programs. Further information about Finish@UT SSP is available on their website.

Finish@UT SSP manages and supports the Cross Campus Registration Student Portal application which, allows UT Arlington students to take Internet-delivered courses from other University of Texas component schools for UT Arlington credit. To enroll in an online course offered through this consortium, the student must complete an online Registration Request using the Student Portal. More information about registration and the Student Portal can be found on the Finish@UT Registration and Enrollment Page.

Finish@UT SSP Contact Information

UT Online Consortium Student Services:
1-888-TEXAS-16 (toll-free) or


A select group of UT Arlington advisors is available to counsel students about the advantages and disadvantages of Internet-delivered courses. If you are in the University Studies-BS Online program, please contact the following:

University Studies-BS Online program:

If you are not in the University Studies-BS Online programs and you need to be advised or have advising questions and UT Arlington is your home (main) campus, please contact your advisor within your major department.


  • For questions and counseling about taking Distance Education courses, please contact the UTA Center for Distance Education.
  • If you need assistance regarding Finish@UT SSP registration, please notify Amanda Godwin, your home campus Office of the Registrar contact.

University Studies-BS Online Major Students: Only students that have declared University Studies-BS Online as their major and that have registered correctly via the Cross Campus Student Portal (Registration Request) will receive a letter grade that applies toward the UT Arlington degree program. Please note, you must have 60 hours and be core complete to fully declared for the University Studies-BS Online major.

CRCJ Major Students: This program is no longer offered. If you took courses under this program in the past, your credit will remain as earned.

MBA Online Students: This program is no longer offered. If you took courses under this program in the past, your credit will remain as earned.

Please note, if you are not in one of the above-listed majors, any courses taken via the Finish@UT Student Success program will come back to UT Arlington as transfer credit. It will not count towards your GPA or your residency credit.

If you are not a student in one of the above-listed majors or you register for courses directly with one of the other Finish@UT SSP campuses, you will only receive transfer credit for that course. You will also not be eligible for Financial Aid for that course. And it will not count toward your enrollment status at UT Arlington.

If you are a student in one of the above-listed majors, in order to stay active at UT Arlington (eligible to enroll) you must either register for courses via the Cross Campus Student Portal (registration request) at a host campus or enroll for courses at UT Arlington. If you do not, you will have to re-apply for admission at UT Arlington once you are no longer active in the MyMav system.

If you are a student in one of the above-listed majors and you do not register via the Cross Campus Student Portal (registration request), meaning you register directly with another Finish@UT SSP campus, you will only receive transfer credit for those courses, you will not be eligible for Financial Aid for those courses and it will not count towards your enrollment status at UT Arlington.

Late Registration

Adding classes after late registration is not recommended.

UTA Home Students: The student MUST meet with their academic advisor to understand the impact of their enrollment action, as well as the specific procedures required to add a class after the late registration period ends. Adding after late registration requires the permission of the faculty teaching the course, permission of the academic department offering the course and the final approval of the academic advisor of the student’s major department. The department offering the course has final decision authority.

UTA Host Students: Please work with your home campus advisor.

Check the Academic Calendar for specific term dates.

Drops and Withdrawals

  • Drop requests must include your full name and MyMav student ID number, the course(s) and semester you wish to drop, and how to send you a confirmation if desired.
  • Please notify the Office of the Registrar at immediately if you decide not to complete the course. Please see UT Arlington's Academic Calendar and refund deadlines.


Failure to pay tuition, fees, and charges by the term’s due date constitutes voluntary withdrawal from the term. Payment must be received by the term due date or your registration will be cancelled. If your registration is cancelled for non-payment, reinstatement into the course(s) will not be allowed. Your initial schedule or seat in a particular class will not be held for you. For classes added after the term’s due date, payment is due by 11:59 p.m. on the same day. If payment is not received on the same day as registration, your classes will be cancelled. For the term due dates please go to

  • Course fees may be paid by credit card or check. Refer to Student Financial Services for details on the methods available to you.
  • Payment not posted to the student account by the payment due date will be withdrawn. Please see Payment information for due dates.

Financial Aid

  • Students expecting Financial Aid or special payment arrangements for courses MUST contact the UT Arlington Office of Student Accounts at before the first day of class to ensure the coordination of those programs.
  • Students should NOT rely on Financial Aid being disbursed in time to meet payment deadlines - all aid, including Emergency Tuition Loans, must come from your Home Campus.
  • Students must have also registered correctly via the Cross Campus Student Portal.

Cancellation for Non-Payment

If you are enrolled in more than one course and eligible for partial payment but do not pay the balance, you will be dropped from all courses that have not been completed with grades posted. If the amount you paid would cover the cost of one of the courses, you still will be dropped from. Additionally, if you enroll in and pay for a course or courses in one start date within a term, then subsequently enroll in another start date during the same term, and do not pay fully for that additional course, you will be cancelled from all classes for the session that has not been completed with grades posted. Payment is due in full by the Tuition Due Date for each course. Please above Finish@UT program Important Dates for those deadlines. Reinstatements will not be allowed unless there is a documented university error.

Reinstatement Information for Non-Payment Drops

UTA Home Students: Students in the Finish@UT SSP program that are dropped for non-payment can re-register themselves using their MyMav Student Service Center (self-service) if there are seats still available in the course through late registration. Payment is due by 11:59 PM CT the same day.

UTA Host Students: If you are dropped for non-payment, please email with your name, MyMav Id number, and course information to request to be reinstated by the last day of late registration. Any requests received after 4 PM CT on the last day of late registration will be considered as received as of the following business day. Backdating to the previous business day is not allowed.

UTA Home Students: If you are a UT Arlington Home student taking Finish@UT SSP courses at other UT System schools, the courses that you are registered for at those campuses will show on your MyMAV Student Center as the Census Date nears. National Student Clearinghouse will receive your official enrollment status after the Census date for the current term. If your information does not show in National Student Clearinghouse after the census date has passed, please follow these procedures choose the loan deferment MachForm listed in the above section.

Please remember that you must have registered for the course(s) via the Cross Campus Student Portal (submitted a registration request and it was approved by your advisor and the Office of the Registrar) in order for the course to count towards your enrollment status.

UTA Host Students: If you are a UT Arlington Host student, please contact the Registrar's Office at your Home Campus.