Transferring Undergraduate Coursework

Courses taken at another regionally accredited college or university, that is appropriate to UTA curriculum, may be approved for transfer credit toward a University of Texas at Arlington undergraduate degree. UTA operates on a semester basis; credits transferred from a quarter system institution are converted to semester credit hours. Transfer credits are not calculated into UTA’s GPA. All students seeking to enroll at UTA must meet outlined Admissions criteria listed on our Admissions website.

Credit is normally given for courses that meet the following conditions:

  • Equivalent to courses that are or could be offered at UTA

  • Completed at a regionally accredited academic institution

  • Cannot be used to satisfy high school graduation

  • Taken for a letter grade (not including pass/fail)

The following types of non-traditional course work will not transfer to UTA for undergraduate credit:

  • Life experience and life skills courses

  • Remedial, College preparatory, Vocational, and Developmental courses

  • Proctored only courses

  • College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

  • Distance Learning Programs or Continuing Education Programs

Students transferring in courses from regionally accredited institutions can be awarded either equivalent credit or elective (TRAN) credit. UTA equivalent credits satisfy the same major and minor requirements as courses taken at UTA. However, elective (TRAN) credits are generally credit that counts toward a student’s total hour requirement for graduation. To request re-evaluations of elective (TRAN) credits currently displayed in the student's transfer coursework in MyMav, the student must submit their request directly to UT Arlington by logging into MyMav.  Instructions on accessing and submitting the MyMav Transfer Credit Re-evaluation eForm can be found in this KB Article.

The Office of the Registrar, in conjunction with academic departments, determines whether courses are appropriate for transfer to UTA as specific UTA equivalent courses or as elective (TRAN) credits. UTA equivalent credit usually requires departmental approval. The student will be notified by email of the decision.

  • Academic credits are considered for only those courses listed under the Military courses section on an official Joint Services Transcripts (JST). Credit is awarded based on ACE recommendations and UTA credit policy (these standards are subject to change).
  • For further evaluation of courses within the 'Military Courses' section, students are encouraged to submit their requests along with a course syllabus in PDF format to

Non-Regionally Accredited Transfer credits are those courses taken at institutions of higher education that are not regionally accredited. Students who have taken courses at institutions of higher education that are not regionally accredited must request to transfer coursework from those institutions, as well as provide a syllabus for all courses requested. The courses submitted will be reviewed by individuals in the academic department most closely related to the content. If approved, these courses will be added to the student transfer evaluation and My Mav. The student will receive an email (UTA email) when the form is submitted, and when the decisions for each course are final. Non-Regionally Accredited Transfer Credit Request

International transfer credits are courses completed at educational institutions located outside the United States. To request a re-evaluation of international transfer credits, students must have already undergone a review of their international transfer credits by our Admission Processing International team. If a student wishes to seek reevaluation for courses that were not initially accepted as transfer credit or equivalency, they may submit their request using the Non-Regionally Accredited Transfer Credit Request form. Students are required to provide a course syllabus in PDF format, with each syllabus submitted separately. Upon submission of the form, students will receive an email notification (sent to their UTA email) confirming receipt of the request and the decisions made for each course. Non-Regionally Accredited Transfer Credit Request

Transient request is for students who are requesting permission to study as a transient student at another institution. A student should always consult with your academic advisor(s) to ensure that you have select appropriate courses and that any credits transferred to UTA from another institution will satisfy degree requirements and residency requirements. The student must also make sure they are in good academic standing (i.e., has a minimum 2.0 GPA at UTA) before making the request.

Student interested in placing transient request must provide the following information below:

  • Submit a request by email to the Transfer Articulation team prior to enrolling in the course.
  • Check with your academic advisor to see if the course will be transferable and will be applicable toward a degree
  • The request must include:
    • The student Name, UTA student ID, Date of Birth, Semester attending (UTA), Phone Number, UTA email
    • The Hosting Institution Name, Address, Contact person
    • The Hosting Institution Course Title, Course number and Credit hours