Staff Directory

Dr. Rebecca Lothringer

Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management

Jennifer Lasagna

Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Alexis Valdez

Director of Enrollment Management Communications and Marketing

Anam Iqbal

Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions - Fluent in Urdu

Sebastian Fuentes

Associate Director of Graduate and International Recruitment

Karen Moser

Associate Director of Campus Visits & Events

Sandra Esquivel

Associate Director - Regional Operations

Tammy Taylor

Associate Director of Operations

Whitney Hood

Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions

Trevor meagher

Assistant Director of High Caliber Recruitment

Melissa Martinez Dominguez

Assistant Director for Dallas County Promise

Michael Klinck

Assistant Director of Educational Partnerships

Gloria Moss

Assistant Director of Marketing

Justin Perez

Assistant Director of Online Communications

Mark Reeder

Campus Visit Coordinator

Arianna Carrillo

Campus Visit Coordinator

Jocelyn Huang

Campus Visit Coordinator

Mario Vargas

Bound for Success Freshmen Admissions Counselor - Yo Hablo Espanol

Stephen Seanyear

Bound for Success Freshmen Admissions Counselor

Karla Hernandez

Freshmen Admissions Counselor - Yo Hablo Espanol

Kattya Cepeda

Freshmen Admissions Counselor

Yesica Gonzalez

Freshmen Admissions Counselor

Marissa Lopez

Transfer Admissions Counselor

Cynthia Arredondo

Transfer Admissions Counselor

Harriet Coutinho

International Country Coordinator - Stationed in Mumbai, India