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Follow these steps to complete your application for admissions as a freshman. You should apply as a freshman student if you have graduated or will soon graduate from high school or received a GED and you have not enrolled in another college or university after graduating from high school.

Undergraduate Application Priority Dates

Fall: Applications are still being accepted for Fall 2019.
Spring: October 15
Summer: April 1

Applications are still being accepted for Fall 2019.

Applications are accepted after the published priority date for each term, but for guaranteed consideration of admission, please submit the application and associated materials by the priority date. 

Please note that the scholarship and financial aid application deadlines are earlier. For more information about applying for Financial Aid, visit the Financial Aid website.

The University of Texas at Arlington welcomes admission applications at any time. We will process your application as quickly as possible and every attempt will be made to ensure consideration for the desired semester. Applying early gives you the best opportunity to receive scholarships, as well.

To ensure adequate time for consideration of your application, apply well in advance of your desired starting date. Nine months to a year is not too early to apply.

Admission requirements

UTA considers your class rank and SAT or ACT scores to determine admission. Please refer to the chart below for minimum admission requirements. You may also review admission policies and legislative requirements in the University Catalog.

Rank in High School Graduating ClassMinimum SAT Score Minimum ACT Score
Top Quarter No Minimum No Minimum
Second Quarter 1100 22
Third Quarter Individual Review Individual Review
Fourth Quarter Individual Review Individual Review

A Note About Test Scores

The SAT score is calculated by combining the highest Evidence Based Reading, Writing and math score. The ACT score is the composite score, which includes the English, Reading, Math, and Science sections. UTA does not require an essay. 

SAT scores prior to March 2016 will be calculated combining the highest Critical Reading section score with the highest Match score. UTA cannot combine test sections from scores taken prior to March 2016 and scores taken after March 2016. 

Non-Ranking High Schools

UTA welcomes applicants from non-ranking public or private high schools. You must meet the requirements outlined above and will be considered for admission based on individual review, which may consider other factors like grade point average in place of class rank.

Nontraditional Secondary Education (GED and Homeschool)

UTA also welcomes applicants from nontraditional secondary education backgrounds, including homeschool students and students who earned a GED. In accordance with SB 1543, if you present evidence of the completion of a nontraditional secondary education without an official class rank, UTA assign a class rank. This assigned class rank will be comparable to the average class rank of other applicants with equivalent SAT or ACT scores. UTA requires an official homeschool or GED transcript to show completion of a nontraditional secondary education.

Students studying at the UC

Submit your application online

You will need to apply using the ApplyTexas online application.

  • Create your profile on the ApplyTexas website to get a username and password.
  • Select "Create a New 4 Year University Undergraduate Admissions Application". 
  • Select The University of Texas at Arlington as the target university and "Freshman" as the application type.
  • Complete Part I of the application. Part II and the essays are optional.
  • Submit your application.

Apply Texas

Pay the $75 application fee

Option One: Pay with a credit card on the ApplyTexas application.  

Option Two (Preferred): Pay online through the UTA website with Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover. 



Fee Waivers

If the application fee presents a significant financial hardship to you, you may request a fee waiver through the Office of Admissions which covers the cost of the application to UTA.

To qualify, an applicant, must be a United States Citizen, permanent resident, or a student identified under Senate Bill 1528 (79th Legislature, 2005) as a resident of Texas. International applicants and students seeking a second baccaulaureate degree do not qualify for this waiver. 

Applicants seeking to qualify for a fee waiver must demonstrate that the application fee presents a significant financial hardship.

To request a fee waiver, freshman should first select "Request fee waiver" on their Apply Texas application, and then demonstrate financial hardship by ONE of the following options using the Application Fee Waiver Request Form

Option 1: Submit an SAT, ACT, or NACAC application fee waiver. Talk with your guidance counselor to obtain an application fee waiver form.

Option 2: Submit a copy of page one of the most recent year's income tax form (Form 1040). This form must reflect your total family income at or below the free/reduced lunch eligibility requirements.

Option 3: If you/your guardian are unable to submit page one of the income tax form, you may submit documentation showing the following:

  • I live in subsidized public housing or I am homeless.
  • My family receives public assistance
  • As provided by the Texas Education Code Sec. 54.366 and Section 54.367, I have a waiver through Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

You can submit this documentation in person in the Office of Admissions in Davis Hall, to an admissions counselor, or via the application fee waiver request form. 

Official documentation must be provided to support the request. Requests submitted without proper documentation will not be considered. 

2018 Campus Security and fire safety report

The UTA Police Department complies annual reports regarding use of force and community involvement. These help document the actions of the department and its officers, while allowing for analysis, reflection, and recommendations for improvement. 

2018 Campus Security and Fire Safety Report