Clear Pathways. Bright Futures. 

The UTA and T3 partnership serves Fort Worth ISD students by offering personalized guidance and programming throughout high school into college, helping students achieve a world class degree.

Become a T3 Scholar by completing the T3 Partnership Pledge by the T3 pledge deadline of your senior year of high school.

T3 Scholars attending UTA who meet all eligibility requirements will also receive funding covering the cost of classes (tuition) that federal, state, or other institutional grants or scholarships do not.

Eligibility Requirements 

Last-dollar tuition awards for up to eight fall and spring semesters* are available to eligible T3 scholars. The following criteria need to be met and maintained

  1. Graduate from a Fort Worth ISD high school. Final high school transcripts are required for all UTA students.
  2. Family income of $85,000 or less, and FAFSA filers must be eligible for Federal Pell Grant and Texas Grant, TASFA fillers must be eligible for Texas Grant. 
  3. Must be a Texas resident for tuition purposes.
  4. *Early College High School graduates with an associate's degree qualify for the last-dollar tuition award for up to four fall and spring semesters.

Your Next Steps

1. Submit Pledge

Submit the T3 Partnership Pledge by the T3 pledge deadline of your senior year of high school and meet all T3 Scholar deadlines to remain program eligible.

Complete and Submit T3 Pledge

2. Complete the Fafsa or Tasfa

Complete the FAFSA or TASFA with UTA’s school code (003656) by January 15th. FAFSA filers must be eligible to receive funds through the Federal Pell Grant and TEXAS Grant programs. TASFA filers must be eligible to receive funds through the TEXAS Grant. If you are missing any items, they are listed in your MyMav under the TO DO list.

Learn more about FAFSA or TASFA

3. Apply to UTA by February 14th

All students must meet admission criteria and qualifications. All required admissions documents for UTA must be received by February 14th.

Learn more about applying

4. Enroll

Enroll in classes the fall semester after high school graduation and continue to register for a minimum of at least 12 credit hours each semester (fall and spring).

Transfer Eligibility

Scholars who remain T3 eligible and complete an associate degree from TCC and meet all other eligibility criteria can receive a last-dollar, tuition-only scholarship to UTA for up to four fall and spring semesters if renewal requirements are maintained. Eligible Scholars must apply for Fall semester only to be considered for T3. Spring transfers are still encouraged to apply for admissions, and may qualify for other financial aid through regular FASFA or TASFA eligibility requirements.

1. Associate Degree

T3 students must maintain T3 eligibility at Tarrant County College and must enroll at UTA the fall after graduation from TCC with their transferable associate degree (Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Arts in Teaching). It is required to complete an associate degree by the end of their spring semester and 2 years after graduating high school.

Learn more about Eligibility

2. Complete FAFSA or TASFA

Must complete the FAFSA or TASFA and be eligible to receive funds through the Federal Pell Grant or Texas Grant programs. You can find your outstanding financial aid documents in your MyMav portal under the to-do list.

Learn More About Financial Aid Resources

4. Family Income

Have a family adjusted gross income of $85,000 or less.

6. Enroll

Must start classes the semester after associate degree completion and register for a minimum of at least 12 credit hours in each semester (fall and spring).

Current UTA Students - T3 Scholar Renewal Requirements

  1. Award is renewable for up to 8 fall and spring semesters or when you earn your first bachelor's degree or 150 attempted credit hours.
  2. Submit the FAFSA/TASFA every year by the priority date and remain eligible based on income and residency requirements.
  3. Earn a minimum of 24 UTA credit hours each academic year (fall and spring semesters).
  4. Maintain a minimum, cumulative UTA GPA of 2.5.