Office of Facilities Management

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Don Lange

Assistant Vice President for Facilities

Management and Campus Operations

Our facilities are managed and supported by 250+ team members who ensure success in all phases of maintenance and growth. Our goal is to provide well maintained and clean facilities in an environment that attracts, retains, and encourages students in pursuit of knowledge, truth, and excellence. We are also committed to effective campus master planning and energy conservation management, allowing for orderly development and renovation of campus facilities to meet ever changing demands of the academic and research community.

Learn How We Support the UTA Community

Campus Energy Conservation

Utility management is a never-ending challenge for universities. Every effort must be made to conserve utilities to enable resources where essential for the academic mission and to keep cost down to keep tuition and fees at a minimum.


Energy Conservation

Campus is Expanding

Check out the additions and renovations we are making to better serve you and the UTA community.  Come back often to get the latest updates and track our progress.


Project Activity

Campus Master Plan

Successful campus master plans include a foundation that aligns the physical development of campus and the strategic or academic plan to ensure specific planning tools are supported. Check out ours to see how it is furthering our mission goals.


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Current Job Opportunities in Facilities Management

We are seeking qualified candidates for open positions across OFM teams. Applications are submitted online and require a username and password to apply. For help submitting an application, please call 817-272-2939.


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Maintenance & Construction Updates

Read the Facilities Management updates and check out highlights from current times through yesteryear for our projects at UTA.


Facilities News

Space Heaters and Small Appliances

Read the university policy as it pertains to the use of space heaters and high-current small appliances on campus.


View University Policy

Space Resource Allocation Committee (SRAC)

Responsible for policy development and plans that promote university space stewardship, ensuring such policies and plans align with the University Strategic Plan, and prioritizing institutional needs for equitable and efficient allocation of space resources.


Learn about SRAC

Vehicle Rentals

Vehicle rentals require approval. Click the link below to view the Vehicle Rental Policy and Procedure information or to load the form and start your vehicle rental request today. 


Vehicle Rentals

Work Orders and Maintenance Requests

Need to submit a work order or maintenance request?  Would you like assistance submitting a request?  Access all of it here in one spot.


Work Order Request Portal

Meet Our Leadership Team

Sharon Carey

Director of Auxiliary Operations & Logistics

picture of director of auxiliary operations and logistics


Phone #: 817-272-5584

Office: 1225 W. Mitchell Street (Suite 205) | Arlington, TX 76019

Safe and Academic Friendly Living Spaces: It is our mission to provide safe, academic friendly, and socially responsive living communities on the campus of UT Arlington. Facilities Management is committed to supporting the housing needs of over 4,000 students. The services that we provide include housing maintenance & renovations, custodial & housekeeping services, landscape & grounds maintenance, and event support.

LaTosha Carter-Mosley

Director of Business Operations

picture of director of business operations


Phone #: 817-272-0392

Office: 1225 W. Mitchell Street (Suite 205) | Arlington, TX 76019

Business Operations Division of Facilities Management: We maintain and improve processes which protect the financial integrity of our departmental units. It is our mission to achieve excellence in the accounting of all financial transactions and to provide support to the Facilities Management community with financial, budgetary, procurement, personnel, and payroll inquiries.

Robb Chock

Director of Mechanical & Energy Operations

picture of director of mechanical and energy operations


Phone #: 817-272-3458

Office: 1225 W. Mitchell Street (Suite 205) | Arlington, TX 76019

Energy Management & Mechanical Operations: We provide services to the campus community which include HVAC, thermal energy plant. energy management control, engineering planning & design for facilities renovations, engineering planning & design for capital projects, engineering reviews, engineering coordination services, and general engineering services for campus utilities infrastructure. We are also UTA's point of contact for UTA-Managed Projects and Campus Design Standards.

Jeff Johnson

Director of Maintenance Operations & Special Projects

picture of director of maintenance operations and special projects


Phone #: 817-272-3232

Office: 1225 W. Mitchell Street (Suite 205) | Arlington, TX 76019

Building Operations: We provide services to the campus community which include building roofing systems, parking lots, campus lighting, carpentry services, electrical system upgrades & repairs, painting & signage services, plumbing system upgrades & repairs, landscaping, and asbestos management.

Dayle Pettus

Director of Capital Projects

picture of director of capital projects team


Phone #: 817-272-6094

Office: 1225 W. Mitchell Street (Suite 205) | Arlington, TX 76019

Capital Projects: We renovate and construct enhanced environments by managing the design and construction of projects exceeding $10 million. Our team has over 100 years combined design and construction experience to service to UTA.

Ragenna Prince

Director of Facilities Services

picture of director of facilities services


Phone #: 817-272-3725

Office: 1225 W. Mitchell Street (Suite 205) | Arlington, TX 76019

Maintenance Operations Division of Facilities Management: We provide a range of services including elevators, vehicle fleet maintenance, project management tools, interdepartmental technologies, campus-wide reporting tools and support, billing services, and a Service Call Center to intake and manage work order requests.

Director of Institutional Construction

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Phone #: 817-272-3571

Office: 1225 W. Mitchell Street (Suite 205) | Arlington, TX 76019

Construction Planning, Design, and Management: We provide services in support of capital projects and campus renovations which include planning & management, floorplans access, space management, design guidelines, interior design standards, construction cost estimations, architectural services, and the Campus Master Plan.

Space Management Group

Professional Resource for Managing University Spaces

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Phone #: 817-272-6336

Office: 1225 W. Mitchell Street (Suite 205) | Arlington, TX 76019

Space Management Division of Facilities Services: We manage space requests, facilitate annual space surveys, conduct space audits, and provide effective stewardship of the space inventory database (CASIM). We also support campus moves and provide comprehensive reports to inform decision makers as to short-term and long-term space needs.